Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tales of Four

As you may have seen in this week's Project 365 post, last weekend was my nephew's 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Funny enough my niece's 4th birthday was there as well, so it was a fun little blast from the past.
A reminder of her birthday party, as well as the times I went to Chuck E Cheese as a kid. I don't think it's quite what it used to be, but maybe that's what it's always looked like, I just didn't notice it as a kid. I did play a few games a skeeball, and while fun, again, not what it used to be like.
Speaking of changes, back when my niece had her birthday, she was able to be in the ticket blaster herself. And while I'm not sure if it's a preference now or a requirement, but all the birthday kids had a parents join them inside.
As for gifts, when we asked our nephew what he wanted for his birthday his only response was a Batman cake. And while that wish was granted it wasn't from us. We did stick with the Batman theme though, and found a playset, plus my requirement for any gifts, books.

First was one by my favorite childhood authors Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, Baloney (Henry P.). It's about an alien boy who looses his homework, and tells his teacher all the crazy things that happened to him while in the process. Each page contains some crazy sounding alien word, but turns out every word used it actually from a non-English language that just sounds crazy to us.

The second was from an author that is new to me, but I'm sure one I would have loved growing up. It's My Name is Not Alexander by Jennifer Fosberry. It's about a little boy who imagines himself to be all types of famous historical characters. What I loved is that there's the expected movie star and sports hero, but also a scientist, president, and Indian chief.

If you're curious, these are the posts from my nephew's first and second birthdays.

When was the last time you were at Chuck E Cheese?


  1. What a great cake! I love giving books as gifts! Would you believe I have never been in a Chuck E Cheese?

  2. Sounds like a fun birthday party and I liked hearing what books you picked out as I am always looking for new ones for my nephews and niece. I hadn't heard of either of those books so will have to check them out!

    I think the last time I was at Chuck E Cheese was probably 5+ years ago? I think we took my nephews there to get them to burn off some energy.

    1. If you haven't before, you definitely need to buy your nephews some Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith books. They even had a middle grade series I loved (The Time Warp Trio), for the older ones. I would say it's definitely more of a "boy" series, but still one I loved.

  3. It was 6 years ago now, but a couple friends and I went there on a whim one summer. So fun, but definitely lacking the magic I thought it had as a child :)

    1. I could definitely see how you could have a blast going with a big group of friends now. Again, not a magical time, but still probably a lot of fun. Although now, I'd probably stay away from the food!

  4. my friend's son had his b.day at chuck e cheese. he went in the ticket blaster alone!

  5. We have managed to avoid Chuck E Cheese with ours kids thus far. I'm really hoping we can keep that streak up :)