Thursday, November 14, 2013

November Blog Love

Last month I participated in Dara's monthly giveaway, and one of the prizes I offered was adspace on my blog. So I'm excited to announce the winner, Shana of Organized Chaos who you may have noticed in my sidebar. Shana is a mother of two who currently lives in South Africa, and I'm excited to share some of my favorite posts of hers from the past month!
Organized Chaos
30 Days of Gratitude: Loving South Africa
"Today, I am grateful for my South African life.
1. I love the social atmosphere in South Africa. It is a difficult thing to describe, because yes, we are social in America too. But’s just different."
Conquering PPD: Step 1 Finding the Shift
"I was discussing with a friend recently about depression and I’d realized that I hadn’t wrote anything about don’t like the word battle because I don’t feel I’m battling. I mean, of course, I struggle and of course I attempt to overcome it, yet I just feel battle is too violent of a word."
Conquering PPD: Step 2 Recognizing the Changes
"Step two came as I realized when it started to change....I started recognizing why. What changed that caused the shift? that you can understand where this is all going....after I started figuring out what changed....I then asked myself why those changes affected me so tremendously."

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What are your favorite posts from around the blogosphere this past month?

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  1. Thanks so much for the spotlight! I love the posts you choose!