Monday, November 4, 2013

MMRR in October

Looking through my last 6 months of monthly recaps, every month I started by saying how quickly the past month has gone by. But really, if every month feels like it goes by quickly, doesn't that make the the norm instead of something to comment on? Either way, here's my highlight of this past October.

I made several delicious desserts this month, but the winning dish has to be one of the boy's.
Braised Beef Tips
He made this meal with braised beef tips and mushroom risotto twice because we loved it so much, and each time it was just as delicious.

This month was my 29th birthday! I officially started my last year of my 20s. And while it isn't quite on the same level, Trader Joe's opened in Baton Rouge. Now with a Panera and Costco both under construction it seems that Baton Rouge has finally arrived!

In October, I posted reviews of 7 books and 2 movies.
Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon
The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch
Weak at the Knees by Jo Kessel
Tinseltown Riff by Shelly Frome
The Hourglass by Sharon Struth
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
Paris was the Place by Susan Conley
Don Jon
While I did really enjoy Lean In and any other month it probably would have been my favorite, it can't compete with Paris was the Place in my opinion.

Three years ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday on 10/10/10.
Cupcake Trio
What are your meals, moments, reviews, and remembering from this past October?


  1. So glad you got a TJs! I cannot imagine life without mine!! (or Costco!)

  2. I'm so jealous you have a Trader Joe's! When I lived in CA, I shopped there all the time. Where I live now, the closest one is 45 minutes away. : ) Also, 10/10 is a popular birthday! I have like 5 friends/family members with that same birthday.

  3. Yum, that meal looks amazing! My favorite meal this month was probably the seafood stew that I had in Myrtle Beach. There were a lot of great moments between my trips to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Myrtle Beach so it's tough to pick a favorite. I reviewed one book and I think Lean In was my favorite (although if I had read Paris Was the Place last month that would have edged out Lean In). This month I remembered how last October I ran a marathon which is mind boggling considering I have not ran since April 16th... :/

  4. That braised beef and mushroom risotto sounds awesome! And I'm envious you're getting a Panera Bread. Now that we have Target, I want those to come to Canada next!