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From Miss to Mrs: Lucky Number Seven

The seven wedding blessings, in Hebrew, Sheva B'rachot, is a tradition that goes back to the 1st century. Although at that time there were only 6 blessings. The first blessing, that over the wine, wasn't added until the 6th century. They aren't actually required for a wedding to be legal in Judaism, but are so common you'd expect them in a traditional Jewish wedding.

I had never been to a Jewish wedding before our own, so I'm not completely sure when I first heard of them. Although it could have been in Mrs. Peep Toe's ceremony on weddingbee. One thing that really stuck with me is how she had friends and family read one. Also, they didn't use the traditional blessings, but rather readings (in English) that captured the theme of each of the blessings.

While I didn't want to go as abstract as her, I knew we wouldn't use a completely traditional version either. A New Jewish Wedding actually has several interpretations of them. So I gave the book the the boy, let him choose his favorite, and that's what we used. Now, going back to the ceremony in progress.
Rabbi:I'd now like to invite up all of those who have a blessing.
Blessed is the creation of the fruit of the wine.

Our rabbi said the first blessing over the wine, and my godmother said the second and third. When I showed her the two I'd wanted her to say, she said they were perfect since she was there with my mom when I was born.
Blessed is the creation which embodies glory.
Blessed is the creation of the human being.

The forth blessing was said by my MOH's mom, who I consider to be my second mom.
Blessed is the design of the human being. Developing our wisdom we may become G-d-like. We are assembled from the very fabric of the universe and are compose of eternal element. Blessed be and Blessed is our creation.

My MIL said the fifth blessing.
Rejoice and be glad you who wondered homeless. In joy have you gathered with your sisters and your brothers. Blessed is the joy of our gathering.

Similar to how the mother of one of my bridesmaids said a blessing, the mother of one of the boy's groomsmen said the sixth blessing.
Bestow happiness on these loving mates as would creatures feel in Eden's garden. Blessed be the joy of lovers.

Finally, the seventh blessing was my dad's.
Blessed is the creation of joy and celebration, lover and mate, gladness and jubilation, pleasure and delight, love and solidarity, friendship and peace. Soon may be hear in the streets of the city and the paths of the fields, the voice of joy, the voice of gladness, the voice of joy, the voice of gladness, the voice of lover, the voice of mate, the triumphant voice of lovers from the canopy and the voice of youths from their feasts of song. Blessed Blessed Blessed is the joy of lovers, one with each other.

At this point we both had a second sip of wine, although unfortunately I don't have any photos of that happening. But I assure you, in case you were worried, that it did actually happen.

Did you, or would you, ask your friends and family to take part in your wedding ceremony?

All photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. I had 6 people say the 7 blessings at my wedding. there was a mistake with the order I assigned them in so everyone had to read one earlier than they were expecting! my brother in law was supposed to do the 7th but ended up with the 6th, so I told him to do the 7th too. Let's see, they were said by my dad, my brother, my father in law, a friend of my husband's family, my brother in law, and my other brother in law.