Friday, May 17, 2013

Water, Water Everywhere

The Ward by Jordana Frankel
I was so excited to read this, but yet I was a little apprehensive as well. After all, it was written by a good friend and while I wanted to love it, what if I didn't? What type of review would I be able to write as a friend, if I hated it and felt the need to be honest. Except I had no need to worry, since I loved it, and I can't believe I ever doubted Jordana!

I read review after review of this book in anticipation of its release, so I knew the pieces people complained about. Except, after finishing the book I find them to be a bit silly, and of course feel the need now to argue against them.

One big complaint about this book is the unrealistically of a lack of water source. Except this book takes place in a flooded NYC where the buildings are still able to be standing. A place where they race mobiles that can drive, swim, and fly off rooftops. And you're complaining about the lack of water being unrealistic? Especially since there is still fresh water, just not a lot. And they even mentioned how other areas have water, but refuse to trade it to the NYC area. Especially since you always here about water shortages now, which makes the idea of a water shortage at least understandable, if not 100% realistic.

Also, there's a pretty be turning point in the book, again something I've seen people complain about as being unrealistic. Except when I got there, all I could think was, "This is so Jordana!" I haven't confirmed this with her, at least not yet, but I'm pretty sure I know exactly where she got the idea for this plot point. And while you may not read this and have the same realization, I think anyone who reads this can enjoy this development. Yes, it might give the book a bit more of a fantasy feeling, but isn't half the fun of reading a book like this the fantasy feeling?

I know I may be a bit biased here, but I loved this book. I loved Ren, and could understand where she was coming from and the choices she made. I thought the race scenes were a lot of fun, and would love to see them in a movie someday. I really enjoyed Ren and Aven's relationship, and just thought there was something about Derek. It definitely does build a really interesting world one that I'm excited to go back to. And while it does end on a cliffhanger, it really does tie up the main story arc pretty perfectly. I don't know how else to describe this book except that it's a fun ride with characters you'll fall in love with, and highly recommend you go out and buy it now!


Disclosure: The author of this book is a good friend of mine, but I did rush out and buy this book on my own free will. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Such an enthusiastic review! In fact, most of the reviews I have read for this book have been quite positive, and so it is quickly reaching the top of my wishlist. I love fantastic and dystopian universes based on water. Gorgeous cover too!

    1. I'm happy to hear you been hearing such good reviews of it! I hope you do pick it up, and hope you feel the same way when you read it.

  2. This one is on my TBR list - it sounds good and I love the cover!