Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Miss to Mrs: Ceremony Details

With our ceremony at such a gorgeous location, off the porch of a grand plantation home, framed by towering oak tress there wasn't a lot of decoration needed. Except since we was having a primarily Jewish wedding, the one thing we needed was our chuppah.
The structure of this was actually made by the boy using pvc pipe, flower pots, and a bag of cement from an online tutorial. If I remember correctly, my FIL was the one who put it all together, and my SIL took care of the flowers at the bottom.
The chuppah in progress - personal photo
As for the covering itself, for a long time I wasn't sure how that would come together. As it happened, once the boy and I were first engaged, the one request my mom made was that she make our chuppah cover. Since it was something I hadn't really thought about, I told her I agreed, and from there she asked me to come up with ideas on what I wanted it to look like. I think I bookmarked a single image since I really had no idea. (And yes, I mean bookmarked. Pinterest hadn't quite taken off yet.) Except, by now you probably know what happened, and my mom died about 10 months before the wedding which meant not only did I have no idea what I wanted it to look like, I had no idea how it would be made at all.

I didn't really want to ask anyone to help at this point. I figured at some point it would come together, and I'd find a solution. Instead what happened is I said something in passing to my MIL, and without a hesitation she decided she'd sew our chuppah for us. Which is how my Catholic MIL happened to make the centerpiece of our Jewish wedding. I still had no idea how I wanted it to look, and left it up to her. She wound up embroidering it with flowers, our initials, and even a small tribute to my mom.
00376 - Copy
Speaking of my mom, almost a year ago I wrote this post about leaving flowers on a chair in memory of my mom. Except as it got closer to the wedding, it became something I didn't want to think about. Which is why I was so surprised when someone, I believe my godmother, pulled the extra flowers from our centerpieces to leave them on the chair where my mom would have sat.
On a less sentimental note, I put the boy in charge of buying the wine for the ceremony. I didn't tell him it had to be Kosher, just that it was something I wanted him to take care of. He remember that a few weeks prior we had gone to Doe's, and shared a pretty delicious bottle of wine. He actually tried to track down a bottle of it in an actual store, but wound up going back to the restaurant to see if they'd sell it to him. And while it wasn't their standard practice, he must have been convincing.
The ring bearer pillow was bought on clearance at Michaels. I didn't really care what it looked like, only that it was plain so I could dress it up. The blue and purple ribbons, may not have been gorgeous, but they did tie it into the overall colar scheme. Plus I had the ribbon leftover from when I crafted the escort card holders.
The flower girl basket came from our florist. One aspect I loved was that the petals weren't simple rose petals but actually matched the flowers in the bouquet. Of course, they weren't actually thrown, but if you look my niece didn't actually have a free hand to do so. I was told that about half way through the ceremony she whisperered in realization to my SIL, a bridesmaid, telling her she forgot to throw her petals and was reassured that it wasn't a problem.
00296 - Copy
Really the only other item on display was our ketubah, which we signed before the ceremony. I had it custom framed at Michaels, and asked them not to put felt over the back so we could take the print out to sign it. The stand itself was provided by our venue.
Are you the type to notice details at a wedding? And if you're already married, how much did you decorate your ceremony site?

Unless otherwise noted all photos in this post courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography
with editing by me to protect privacy.

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  1. I don't comment on all your wedding posts, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading them. Your pictures are so beautiful, and I love hearing the blending of traditions.

    1. Thank you! I love them too, and want them as detailed as possible because I know I'll want to be able to reread them and relive everything years from now. Unfortunately, they do take a lot of time to write, and they tend not to be the most commented posts. I'll keep writing them even if it's just for me, but you have no idea how nice it is hear they're appreciated!