Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And It's One, Two, Three Strikes

Last month, I blogged about the boy's and my first trip of the season to Alex Box Stadium to watch LSU baseball. Well, this past weekend we were back again!
2013 LSU Tigers Baseball
While it was our 2nd game of the season it was actually LSU's final home game of the season (against Ole Miss). Unfortunately, we got there just as the finished honoring the seniors before the game. But were able to see the two senior stars, Mason Katz and Raph Rhymes, be welcomed off the field after playing in their final regular season home game. (I'd say final home game, except for the fact we're hosting a regional playoff this next weekend. And assuming we win that will be hosting a super regional as well.)
Mason Katz & Raph Rhymes
Also the night before they renamed the field, to Skip Bertman Field at Alex Box Stadium. While again, we weren't there for that ceremony, the new name was definitely made known.
They already had the new name up on the scoreboard and over the press box.
Skip Bertman Field
For those who don't know (aka me, before I moved to Louisiana) Skip Bertman is the former baseball coach who lead the Tigers to their first 5 National Championships, and also the former athletic direction. While not the best view, they even added his signature to the field as well.
Funny enough as we were leaving the game we even saw Skip Bertman himself, standing outside Skip Bertman Field.
Skip Bertman
The weather was ridiculously hot though, in the high 90s. We were both drenched in sweat and sunburned what felt like immediately, but still had a good time.
At LSU vs. Ole Miss
Part of me wanted to try another meat pie like the last time, but I couldn't quite do it. Instead the boy and I each had a snowball. And while I realize you can't quite see the flavors since each were white, mine was half wedding cake and half pina colada.
Half Wedding Cake & Pina Colada
We left about halfway through the game, not quite able to stand anymore heat, but first grabbed one final picture with a Mike the Tiger statue.
With Mike
LSU did wind up losing this game, but considering they've since won the SEC tournament, are ranked number 4 in the country, and are heading into post season play it really doesn't matter. So hopefully they close out the amazing season with a trip and a win at the college world series in Omaha. Geaux Tigers!

Have you been to any baseball games yet this year? And do you call them snow cones or snow balls?

I always called them snow cones in California, but since living here I've slowly adapted to using snow balls, at least most of the time. Sometimes the California in me still slips out!


  1. So funny! I blogged today about a baseball game too! Must be opposite day though - mine was major leagues and it was 50 degrees and freezing here!

    1. I've been to my share of cold baseball games, and while they can be fun. They just aren't quite the same. Baseball seems like such a summer sport that it needs to be warm for their games. Although that day was probably a little too warm for me!

  2. Saturday we went to a minor league game and it was actually freezing out! We left early because it was cold... summer in Iowa better hurry up and get here!

    I have never heard them called snow balls! We call them snow cones here too.

    1. If it makes you feel better we did have a long winter here too, and a few weeks ago it was still in the 60s (which is cold for Louisiana in May!). But I think overnight it jumped 30 degrees, and it's be pretty steadily in the 80s and 90s since. Although you're more than welcome to some of our warm weather!