Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cajun Crawtator Chicken

Recently I stumble upon this recipe for kettle chip crusted chicken, or more specifically Zapps Cajun Crawtator crusted chicken.

Now both myself and the boy are obsessed with cajun crawtator chips. We basically have a pact between ourselves not to buy them, because they disappear far too quickly from our house. So obviously I had to share the recipe with the boy, who thought it was just as genius.

If you look I pinned this recipe only 13 days ago, and the boy and I tackled it barely a week after that. And boy "the boy and I" what I really mean is the boy cooked it. I did show him the recipe to give him an idea of how to cook it, but I couldn't tell you exactly what he did. There are no step by step pictures either, because again I wasn't the one cooking, and can't imagine he'd be up for a photoshoot mid-cook, but I do have a shot of the final presentation.
Zapps Crusted Chicken
And so I don't look completely helpless here, I did at least cook the potatoes and green beans.

As for the verdict on the chicken, it tasted amazing, aka just like a Zapps Cajun Crawtator chip. I think it would be fun to try it out again, which a different flavor, but I'd probably want to make this exact same thing again (and again) first.

Do you have a favorite potato chip? And would you be willing to coat chicken with it?


  1. That sounds awesome! There is one place I can find Zapp's here and I always have to buy a bag when I'm there!

  2. Ha! Nice! I love Zapps chips! When I was little, my dad was a Zapps distributor (before he went back to college to become an elementary school teacher!). I'll have to try this... my boy loves Zapps too! And crawtators are so spicy, it has to be delicious!

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  4. Whoa, his looks so much better than the inspiration photo!!

    I do love me some Zapps. They recently started selling them in Chicago but I haven't bought any. I rarely actually buy potato chips. I just eat them when they are around (but only kettle-cooked ones. I can't stand Lays, Ruffles, etc.)

    Have you tried PopChips? I reallty like the pepper ones and they are fairly healthy for a potato chip. Not fried, in other words.

    I have a gift for you I keep meaning to send but I've been hibernating from the cold/wind/rain/snow.

    Love you, miss you.