Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Cost of an STD

Now that I've given you the big save-the-date reveal, I figured it made sense to give the budget breakdown. Yes, it's for your curiosity, but it's also so I have something official to add to my budgeting spreadsheet. Now they may be a little creative math here, but I figure if I only used a third of the 180 labels, I don't need to include all of it in my budget. After all, I may NEED oval shaped label for something in the future right?
56 magnets w/ envelopes from MagnetStreet + Shipping: $106.51 ($142.65 for 75 + Shipping)
56 Oval Mailing Labels: $3.73 ($11.99 for 180)
56 Business Cards: $0.94 ($4.22 for 250)
56 Forever Stamps: $24.64 (Purchased the day before the price increase at $0.44 each)

(This doesn't include the photo stickers or the glue tape I used to get the business cards onto the envelopes since I already had them around the house.)

Total for 56 Save-the-Dates: $135.82
Price per Save-the-Date: $2.43

Which without stamps in less than $2 each. Doesn't sound too bad to me. Now hopefully I can DIY invitations for not much more!

Would you consider $2.00 per STD a good price? And if you're mailing out invitations, did you manage to pick up stamps before the price hike?


  1. I still have tons of leftover invitation stuff (envelopes, stickers etc).

  2. I think for everything you got that is great!!

    I am cracking up because I thought "I had no idea that the price of stamps were going up again!" Then I realized that you mean forever ago when it went up. Oh man, I am seriously laughing in shame at myself.

    I am interested to see what kind of a deal you get on your invites. I ended up finding a fantastic site for my stuff, and got EXACTLY what I wanted for super cheap!

  3. Ok, I know this is terrible, but when I first read the title of your blog, I was thinking, "Is this some kind of moral to the story type of post." And then I realized once I clicked over to it, you meant Save the Date, not the other kind of STD. :)

  4. Echoing "New Girl", every time you use that abbreviation I think you're talking about THAT kind of STD. I think brides-to-be develop a whole different acronym vocabulary from us mere mortals. :P