Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'ts Pi Cake Day!

First since today happens to by Pi day, let's start off with a math joke.

Teacher: Pi*r^2
Student: Pie are square? Pie are not square. Pie are round. Cakes are sqaure.

But moving on to the part of wedding planning that I was most looking forward to, cake tastings! The first tasting I went to was at a bakery not too far from where I work. I didn't neccessarily think I'd be booking it, but I figured free cake for lunch was something I could handle. When we walked in we were handed a plate of 3 petite fours. The green was almond flavored, the white was their butter flavor (or vanilla), and the third was chocolate.
Cake Tasting Samples
We sat down with the owner and discussed flavors, designs, and pricing, and to be honest this was probably somewhere I would consider. At least until we inquired asking if we they could deliver the date of our wedding, which is a Sunday. We were told no, that they're closed that day so they're able to go to church, but she'd be willing to box the cake up for someone to pick up. But I'm not too sure that I know someone who'd I'd be willing to trust enough to pick up a cake, drive on the interstate to our reception site, and assemble correctly, so this place was automatically out.

The second bakery I went to was the one I'd been hoping to book all along. They're the bakery that the boy's sister tends to use for her kids' birthday parties, all of which come out adorable.
This one's from the boy's nephew 2nd birthday, and while I'm almost positive this is from the bakery I booked, I'll feel awfully embaressed if I'm wrong here.

But once confirming that they would infact deliver on a Sunday during a holiday weekend, it was looking awfully likely that we had our baker. Once we attended our consultant we were given a slice of their white buttercream on almond cake as a sample.
Cake Sample
To give you a size comparison, the plate this was on was about the same size as the plate for the three petite fours. And if you're concerned about the fact that there's only a single flavor, once you put down a deposite you're able to pick up a box of 6 slices each this size with the fillings you'd like to try.

We sat down with the owner to discuss pricing, falvors, and had her basically draw out our cake. But since this post has already gotten long enough, I'll make you wait a while to show you what we came up with. But I will leave you with two real wedding cakes from our bakery.


Did you have a hard time deciding on a cake baker? Or did you have something, like no delivery on a Sunday, make your decision for you?


  1. YUM! Because of the location of our wedding the vendor choices were very limited. Which has actually turned out to be a good thing - less decisions! We are meeting with our baker and doing a taste testing when we go down at the end of this month but my wedding planner highly recommends her so unless the tasting turns out horribly we'll likely be going with her!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love the very last cake!! And of COURSE I love the LSU and LSU/Saints cake ;)