Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shoppin' & Registerin'

This past weekend the boy and I set off for the mall. He had promised me a new wallet for Valentine's Day, but since he wanted to be sure it was one I liked wanted me to pick it out myself. After a quick snack, a cookie for me & pretzel bites for him, we were ready to go.
Double Doozie
The first stop was Dillards, which is where we found a wallet. To be honest, I've had the exact same wallet since high school, so it more than time for me to upgrade. I wound up decided on this Guess wallet.
New Wallet
I picked it out partly do to the overall look, but more because of the number of pockets and slots for things. Of course the deal with the new wallet was that I'd have to weed through what to transfer, which means I'm no longer carrying around receipts from my AP tests and every id since 6th grade.

Once we had accomplished our main goal for being at the mall in first place, I took the two of us to Macy's to start a registry. After getting a bag, and book with various coupons they sent us on our way.
At Macy's
Not quite sure what I'm registering for here, but I believe it's this pitcher. Although I also registered for the glass jars you can see behind my head. But the real reason I wanted to register at was because I wanted to register for china. The boy's only request was that the design symmetrical so I went with Vera Wang and Wedgwood's Grosgrain design. Now here's to hoping this doesn't end up discontinued before the end of the year.

After we finished up at Macy's we went to Pottery Barn to register as well. Pottery Barn was a little crazy, but the still were able to make time for us.
At Pottery Barn
In full disclosure, I wasn't actually registering for these blankets. Instead we were almost finished and I realized I still needed to take a registering picture in this store. The goal here was to register for blankets and towels. While we did register for a few things, in general all of our registries are still pretty empty. The goal is to now go online and complete them, and make sure there aren't any overlaps between the stores.
BBQ Salad
Finally finished registering we ended the day with lunch and a movie (The Secret World of Arrietty). We went to Pluckers, which we used to visit all the time when I was still in school. We haven't had it an a year or so, and this was also our first time eating at their new mall location. I went with their BBQ salad, which was an old favorite of mine.

Now with Sur La Table we're up to 3 different registry locations. Initially I was thinking of doing some type of universal online registry as well, but I think we may be good at this point.

How many registries do you think it makes sense to do? Or how many, and where, did you wind up registering at?


  1. Awe!! How fun. I think registering is going to be so fun!! I also feel a bit of guilt when I think about the process though. HAH Is this just me?

  2. That china is gorgeous! :) I love that you have a sur la table registry, it's one of my fave stores. No tips, as I'm not married ;)

  3. I love the china! And i love Sur La Table! I registered at PotteryBarn, WalMart & Bed Bath and Beyond. I figured that was three different price ranges for people haha. I got most stuff from BB&B which was great. They are geared towards brides & registries & they are fantastic. I did get some nice things from PB, too. We mostly got Gift Cards from Walmart so we put them together & got a TV (we didn't have one). Woohoo!

    I was so excited b/c i loved PB for YEARS & I always said if we got one in BR before i got married, I would register there. It opened in BR the year i got engaged! :)

    I have never been to Pluckers but we recently got a gift card there! :)

  4. How exciting! I hope you get some fabulous items! I sure everything you picked out was super cute!