Friday, February 10, 2012

A Ballerina Story

Bunheads by Sophie Flack
I started this one excited to read it because it reminded me of Center Stage the movie. So it's almost ridiculous that early on my biggest complaint was that it was too much like Center Stage. But as I continued to read the story headed in a different direction than I expected, and the more I read of the story the more I enjoyed it.

Looking at the author's bio as well as her acknowledgements at the end, I have a feeling that this book is semi-autobiographical. And I think that made Hannah's life as a dancer within the Manhattan Ballet company completely come alive. Although to be honest I had no idea what most of the ballet terminology used actually meant, but have a feeling it was all used correctly.

My only complaints about this book was that I wish it took place earlier in Hannah's life. Hannah has been dancing with this company since age 14, but the book takes place at the age when Hannah would have been in college. I think it would have been quite interesting if Hannah had still been in high school and was having to juggle actual company classes along with dancing. Although I could see how reading about school may not be the most exciting thing.

Also there were a lot of other dancers and a lot of instructors or choreographers, that I never could seem to get straight. But I have a feeling if I was paying a little bit more attention to the details it would have been as much of an issue.

This book was a really cute book. There was a bit of romance in it, which I enjoyed, but still what I loved was that I seemed to have gotten an inside glimpse into the life of a dancer. It not only met my expectations for that, but surpassed them.


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  1. It sounds like I would like this one too. I'll keep an eye out for it. Great review.

  2. I'm not sure I've ever seen Center Stage...but I do like dance oriented movies, so I may like this book!

  3. This sounds interesting! I love Center Stage - that's one of those movies I could watch over and over again.

  4. Oh my goodness, it's been so long since I've seen Center Stage but I enjoyed it! This book sounds like it'd be good. Thanks for sharing! :) ♥