Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Engagement Photo

If you remember the boy said no to an engagement photo shoot, but was willing to take a single posed picture. Except I wasn't quite happy with the compromise, since it meant I didn't get exactly what I wanted, and didn't really take time to think about the type of engagement photo we would take. But even though I only mentioned to my mom that we weren't taking engagement photos, she too thought we could take and single picture, and even had an idea for what to take. Since my parents were coming out to visit me in October, and were planning on heading to brunch at our wedding venue, the plan was to take a single picture there.

The morning of brunch my mom wasn't feeling well, so the boy, my dad, and I left for brunch while she stayed back at the house. For brunch I had the exact same thing I had the first time we ate at Houmas House (which was back before the boy and I were even engaged).
Eggs Creole
This is eggs creole, which is basically eggs benedict on top of fried eggplant instead of an English muffin. I wasn't actually planning on taking a picture of it since I already had one, but since it was plated differently than the first time I figured I might as well.
Cornmeal Peacan Pancakes
The my dad and I also split the cornmeal pecan pancakes for dessert. Yes, that's ice cream on top of pancakes, although I think i might have preferred it with whipped cream instead. And as for the plate itself, its modeled after the house china from the 1800s, and it's what they'll be using as plates at our wedding as well.

Besides eating delicious food, we did mange to take the photo my mom imagined. It's the boy and me holding hands looking towards the exact spot where we're getting married.
Houmas House
When we arrived home one of the first questions my mom asked was whether we got the photo, and I was happy to tell her yes. I think the photo was a great idea by my mom, and I'm happy that's she's still able to influence our wedding. I can only imagine what other ideas she would have had, and it's too bad she's not still here to share them.

If you could only take a single engagement photo what do you think you would do? And do you think you'd prefer ice cream or whipped cream on top of pancakes?


  1. It is perfect!! What a great way to be able to still have her involved.

  2. I think i'd prefer whip cream? :) But those do look delish!

    I love the photo!

  3. I love the photo of you and your fiance! I think that is the perfect way to do it if you only get one shot. I love that it was your Mom's idea...very nice way to remember her by.

    PS - Whipped cream for sure! Ice cream on pancakes does sound a little strange, but I'm sure I'd have no problem eating that too :)

  4. I love that photo! I actually love photos of the backs of people - I mean, photos of the fronts of people are great, too, but I almost prefer the back shots because there is sort of an intimacy to that photo? Hard to explain.

    That food looks delicious! I would prefer whipped cream, too! I think ice cream would be too heavy! Funny story... years ago our family went to brunch to meet the new girlfriend of one of my brothers. My dad came back from the buffet line and had this HUGE scoop of butter on his pancakes. My mom was like - what on earth are you doing? He thought it was ice cream for some reason!! It was kind of good that it happened because everyone laughed and it broke the ice. My dad loves ice cream and wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have some, regardless of the fact it was breakfast. ;)

  5. The food looks yummy and that photo with your fiance!

  6. I love that photo! I think it looks really cute!