Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chili, Chili

It's been a while since I've cooked any of the Pioneer Woman's recipes. I've had her cookbook for a while (my mom bought it for me at a Borders' closing sale), but while I've cooked several times from her blog, I've never made recipe directly out of the book. But when Wiz at Fine Wine and Diapers recently made her Simple, Perfect Chili she inspired me to do the same.
As you can probably tell I added her optional pinto & kidney beans. I also added cayenne pepper, which she listed as optional, and gave it an extra dash of chili powder, although it probably could have been a little spicy. But if I thought it could have been spicier, I'm sure the boy agreed ten-fold. And in true Southern Louisiana style, we served it over rice.
I was a little worried cooking it that it wasn't going to be enough, or that it would be too dry, but it turned out, and there was enough for leftovers. Or at least there would have been, except I called the boy on the drive to work the following morning asking if he remember to put it in the fridge to which the answer was no.

But I would make it again, this time adding a bit more spice and remembering to put the leftovers in the fridge.

Are you a fan of food on a spicier or mild side, and when was the last time you forgot to put food in the fridge? (I'd like to say the last time was with the chili, but actually it was a bag of groceries that unfortunately contained eggs for brownies, which meant no brownies for me)


  1. One time I forgot to put away a bag of frozen food. It sat in my car for a day or two before I remembered it.
    I've been on a chili kick but haven't made PW's version.

  2. My family eats chili over rice, too. I didn't know of anyone else that did it - cool to know it's a LA thing, too!

    I like my chili with a kick! I'm all about spicy food. I haven't forgotten food out in quite awhile, luckily, but i Have done that in the past. and it just kills me to waste yummy food!!

  3. I love her cookbook! I met her two years ago when she was in DC for the Nat'l Book Festival! She took a picture with me and signed my cookbook, and she is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

  4. I like my chili spiiiiicy! I've never served it over rice though... I'm thinking about making some this weekend so maybe I'll give the rice a try.

  5. It looks great over rice! Glad you liked it! I froze mine and just had the leftovers. It was really good. I like mine spicy, but with the kiddos, I keep things mild.

  6. Can you believe I have never eaten chili?