Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Into the Mail

Now that I had the magnets for the save-the-date, the next thing was too actually mail them. I wound up not going the diy route for the std itself, and could have done the same for the envelope just handwriting everything, or printing directly onto envelopes. But I at least wanted to put somewhat of a special touch on it all.

I remember reading how Mrs. Honey used address labels from Office Depot that turned out really cute, so I wanted to do the same. Not really sure what I was looking for I browsed at Office Depot and wound up with a few somewhat unexpected options, that wound up coming together really well. I'll get to the specifics in a bit, but here's all the supplies I used.
For the mailing addresses themselves I used actual textured business cards. (See not what you'd expect!) I was worried about getting them to stick so I used both "glue runner"
and photo corners, both leftover from my scrap booking days.
Since you have to be curious by now, this is what th business card/address label actually looked like, along with the forever stamps I used for postage. The outline, leaves, and textured background were all already part of the card. The only thing I added was the address itself.
For the return address labels, I did the opposite and started off with a completely white label. But the company's website had templates for their labels which is where the blue & green flowers came from. I would have preferred to use blue & purple, but couldn't find a download with that combination. Plus the green kind of matches the forever stamps on the front. And I just wanted to give a shout-out to how professional the flowers looked since their courtesy of our printer.
As much as I love how cute the envelopes turned out, what I loved even more was how easy they were. The hardest part was probably getting the printer to actually print. Yes, doing them this was took some time, but I wound up watching a marathon of Kourtney & Kim Take New York to give me something else to pay attention too. ::Insert joke here about Kim Kardashian and wedding projects::
Once they were reading to mail I went back to Office Depot, this time to their mailing center. I was hoping to get them hand canceled there, but the girl I talked to had no idea what that was, and when she asked her manager was told they couldn't do that. But interestingly enough when our STD arrived, it looked like it had been hand canceled anyways. (Not that I can really tell the difference between something that's hand canceled or not.)
And yes, the fact I have this does mean I mailed a STD to myself. But I was worried that that everything would fall off, and wanted to know how long it would take to arrive. The answers to that, are that nothing fell off and less than 48 hours.

Did you wind up mailing a save-the-date to yourself? And can you tell if our letters were hand canceled or not?


  1. They turned out GREAT! I did not put that much effort into my labels but I kind of wish I did.

  2. I mailed a STD and an invite to myself to make sure. I heard you should so you can expect when others might start receiving theirs.
    Love the labels. I remember hovering over the printer begging it to print everything just right.

  3. Those turned out great!!! I would mail one to myself too! That way later on if you wanted to, you could always frame it!