Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spinach & Feta in a Pocket

Amy's Spinach & Feta in a Pocket
Let's start by saying that I messed up cooking this. Yes, I read the directions wrong on a frozen meal. But here's how it happen....underneath the microwave directions it said to put in toaster over for 2-3 minutes at 375. So I put it in the toaster oven for 2-3 minutes, except parts were still frozen when I took it out. Instead since it was under the microwave directions you were supposed to do that AFTER microwaving it. To use the toaster over by itself it needed 25-30 minutes. So I had to wait forever to eat this.

I think the suspense is what killed it for me, because this wasn't as good as I was hoping. Basically it's an organic (and more expensive) hot pocket. Except I don't like hot pockets normally because they're a little too cheesy & gooey for me. But I'm obsessed with feta, so I knew I'd love this.

My problem though was that there wasn't enough feta, and there was a ton of spinach. It wasn't bad, and overall I did enjoy it, I just probably wouldn't buy it again. Although I do have a friend she said she sprinkles feta on top of these before heating them, so if I ever try them again I'll definitely take that route.

No, this meal was not provided to me. I bought it completely on my own. So somewhat obviously then, all opinions here are my own!


  1. Brenda always has those in her freezer and the way she made them not only more edible but super delicious (I agree that they're too spinachy, not-enough-Feta-y and too dry) was to drizzle olive oil on top and a ton of extra fresh feta on top of that! SOOO good!