Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stocking the Kitchen

For the Superbowl the boy is planning on making gnocchi. He's made it before and it turned out great, except for the fact we don't have a potato ricer.
Which basically means he mashed 2 1/1 pounds of potatoes with a fork. It's not an experience he'd like to experience again so this time we were actually going to pick up a ricer. Since we were going to Sur La Table anyways for the ricer I figured it would be a great time to start a registry.

After a movie (Man on a Ledge) and lunch, where I had the most amazing caramel corn creme brulee at Kona Grill, we were off to register.
Caramel Corn Creme Brulee
Once in the store an employee handed us a scanner, told us to scan whatever we wanted and let her know when we were finished. I was SOOO excited to register, for years months I've been saying we don't need to buy it now, we can just register for it later (and may have even used that as a reason why the boy should propose immediately), except once actually there I didn't know where to start.
Registering at Sur La Table
That's not quite true, I knew I wanted to take pictures to document the process, which obviously I did. But I hadn't really done my research, and didn't quite know what we needed. Although the boy and I did have a discussion on the difference between need and want, but I still maintain I need an ice cream maker kitchen aid mixer attachment.
Registering for a Mortal & Pestle
After maybe 30 minutes, and 18 items scanned, we figured it was time to head out, and any further adjustments could be made online. Plus we this isn't the only place we're register, so hopefully next time we'll be a little less prepared.

How did your first registering experience go? And would you classifying an ice cream maker kitchen aid mixer attachment as a need or a want?


  1. The hubs insisted on doing all the scanning and he, too, kept asking me 'do we really need that?' It's a registry so you have to give people a lot options even if it's loaded with things you don't necessarily have to have.

    I personally think that an ice cream maker attachment is a must have for the kitchenaid. :)

  2. i love that you are registering at sur la table!