Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey Mr. DJ

Last week I went to drop off our deposit with our DJ. While I've never been to their location before, I knew basically where it was. Plus I had google maps on my phone, so I couldn't get too lost. I got to the right location and easily found 121, except I was trying to find 122. I spent around 15 minutes looking, and even asked someone standing outside for help, although they didn't know either. Of course I soon realized that 122 would not be next to 121, it would be across the street. Yes, I basically forgot that even and odd addresses are on opposite sides of the street.

Now that that's out of the way, you might be curious as to why we booked a DJ over a band. It's mainly because I wanted to make sure that we're able to play Backstreet Boys as well as Tupac's California Love. I'm not saying that there aren't bands out there who could pull both off, but I'm not sure we could afford them.

As for selecting a DJ, I knew I wanted someone who had worked at my venue before. I would imagine a new DJ could figure it out, but I just felt more comfortable with someone who knew what to expect, so I used the list of DJs provided by our venue.

I contacted about 5 and heard back from 3, the first almost immediately, which is saying something for Sunday night. But what I basically received was a bunch of attachments to fill out requesting songs, and a note that music selections are due a week before the event. But no actual communication, or pricing quote, or anything personal.

The second e-mail I received did ask me questions and was then able to answer my questions. Although when I asked how they normally did cocktail hour (since it's outside of the reception hall), I was told it had been a while since they had done wedding there, but they should be able to figure something else. They gave me a limited time only price, except coincidentally the day it expired I received an e-mail saying it had been extended.

The third DJ, called me and when I didn't answer left a voicemail and followed up with an e-mail. They were easy to get in touch with and answered all my questions. (As for cocktail hour, he knew they moved and reused the speakers from the ceremony.) Basically they were the friendliest, and seemed to know my venue which is why I chose them.

All 3 DJs on the surface were really similar. Each one has an online music request, as well as a customized timeline to created. The DJ I booked from each would probably be quite similar. But it was really the customer service I received that was the deciding factor. (Although maybe it should have been how easy it was to find their location, since obviously that was an issue for me!)

What did you decide on the band/DJ debate? And how did you make a decision between the various options?


  1. I also went with a DJ and used the DJ I had booked for the office Christmas party for years. Not only did I make sure they could play songs important to me & my family (Cajun & Zydeco music) but made sure they would not play songs on my DoNot Play List. I did not want to hear Clapton's Wonderful Tonight (all about a drunk guy) or sir mix alot's I Like Big Butts. Have y'all decided on your wedding song?

  2. We were very close to doing an iPod wedding but the forums on wedding bee and a chat with my wedding planner convinced me to book a DJ. I just really want a stress-free wedding in every way and my wedding planner told me that a DJ is the best way to make sure nothing goes wrong at the reception and also makes sure people are having fun since they can read the crowd (hugely important to me!) so I found room in the budget to book one that came highly recommended and I'm really excited about it!

  3. We did a DJ and I loved it! He was so much fun and did some crowd games too (nothing too cheesy.) Its just nice to be able to request songs and have songs that everyone knows and will dance too!! There was never a question for me. I have ALWAYS loved having a dj.

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  5. I got a DJ b/c he came w/ the reception hall, so it was a lot cheaper than getting a band. I always LOVE live bands at receptions, but i have no complaints b/c my dj was awesome. :)

  6. I think customer service always plays a big part in committing to anything!