Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where in the World...

It's time for Classy in Philadelphia's weekly Where in the World Wednesday feature. The way it works is to post a picture of you somewhere in the world. It doesn't have to be somewhere tropical or foreign, just some you consider to be traveling. Today I'm in...
Palm Springs, California.

These were taken in Summer 2004, just following my sophomore year of college.
The four of us drove up to Palm Springs and spent a long weekend all together. We spent almost all of our time lounging out at the pool, and went out to dinner each night.
Palm Springs
This trip was a little monumental for me, in that it was the first vacation I'd gone on with just friends, where we planned it all. Instead of all the family vacations I'd taken previously.
Group Date
I do realize the picture quality isn't that great on some of these. But that's because they were taken with film and scanned into my computer. It's funny to think how mainstream digital cameras are now, when just a few years ago most people didn't have one.

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  1. So much fun!

    I definitely didn't have a digital camera until somewhere around 2005 or so :)

  2. looks like a fun trip! and I agree with Classy in Philadelphia, you are rocking that bikini! :)

  3. The first trip taken with friends is DEFINITELY monumental! Mine was when I went to visit my friend in France, but we were with her grandparents. SO my first one with JUST friends was the FLorida trip this year!

  4. That looks like such a fun trip. I think I was the last person to get a digital camera. Ha! I bought mine in 2006. I'm a late bloomer.