Thursday, March 4, 2010

Voici La Poste

Look what came in the mail earlier this week!
Package from Anais
It's from Anais at Through Green Eyes! I won her giveaway, where the winner received a box of her favorite things. And everything she included is slowing becoming my favorite thing as well! I am doing my best to pace myself at eating all the chocolate, but I'm not sure how long it will last.

There's one thing I especially love about everything she sent, that doesn't actually have to do with the way it all tastes. Anais is from Ottawa, which is just south of Quebec. And because of that everything she included has both English and French on it. For comparison here's a Larabar I already had in the house, and one of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabars she included.
American Larabar vs French Canadian Larabar
See the difference in the packaging? I know its a small detail, but its something I loved. I won't say I'm fluent in French but it is the only other language I kind of speak, and in case you missed this post yesterday I've been to France as well. I guess its the little things that sometimes get you excited.

I just wanted to say thanks again for having this giveaway Anais, and for sending my such a fun package. Also, if you've never stopped by Through Green Eyes, I would definitely recommend that you head over and check it out!



  1. Jealous! I totally wanted that giveaway :P Looks fabulous!

  2. Are those bars as good as Cliff bars? Congrats on winning!

  3. So funny! I totally didn't even THINK about that! Did you look at the big chocolate bar? That one will probably be in french, german and italian :P I'm so glad you've enjoyed all of it!

  4. So jealous. That was an awesome giveaway! I also would have been excited by the different packaging!

  5. Congrats on winning the giveaway! You got some great and yummy items! I love winning giveaways. It's so fun!