Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Movie Review

Cop Out
This is the type of movie where the plot doesn't really matter. But if you must know its basically about two cops (Bruce Willis & Tracey Morgan) who go on probation for being somewhat destructive on the job, and then go onto solve a crime almost coincidentally. The same generic plot as most cop movie. But while there are a few action scenes, overall it is a comedy, and it definitely had its funny moments. (It is also a rated R movie, but you wouldn't have necessarily known that by the number of kids in the theater. Just an fyi, Kevin Smith movies, in general, are probably not the movies you want to take your kids to see.)

I'm not normally big on cop movies, so it does say a lot that I did enjoy this movie. I won't say I want to buy it, nor that I can't wait to see it again. But most of it was pretty enjoyable for me. Although there's a few things in particular that stood out, at least to me.

First there's a wedding in the movie. And it's a wedding that's featured somewhat prominently. So that's a plus for me. Michele Trachtenberg is also in it. And while she doesn't have a huge part, I did enjoy her when she's on screen. But the best part for me? It's easily every scene that "Seth Cohen" is in. So while it definitely is more of a guy's type of movie, there are a few aspects that at least made it enjoyable for me.



  1. I love me some Seth Cohen! I think I might want to see this- at least on dvd. Thanks for the info!

  2. While I do LOVE Bruce Willis, I think this movie looks kind of silly! Will probably check it out once it's on video though!

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Kelly's Korner! Love your name!

  4. maybe this is the solution to all the discussions we've been having at the rental store! :)

    I saw over at another blog that your birthday is oct.10th - me to! so thought i stop by and say hi :)

  5. I've really been wanting to see this movie so I'm glad you liked it!!