Friday, March 12, 2010

Percy Jackson: The Book Version

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
I few weeks ago I saw the movie version of Percy Jackson so when I co-worked was willing to lend my the book I was more than willing to except. I enjoyed the movie, and in most cases when that happens you enjoy the book as well. Not only that, you normally enjoy the book more. Although I can't quite choose a favorite between the book and the movie, I think because there were so different.

First there were a few characters in the book who just weren't in the movie. Or there was even two book characters combined into one for the movie. I think both ways of telling the story worked depending on the genre. Mostly for the fact that its easier to keep track of multiple characters in a book, than it is in a movie.

Also different was the basic plot line. Both the movie and the book have Percy going on an adventure with the same ending location, but its the journey that's a little different. The movies is much more structured. They have set places they need to go in order to reach the final destination. Whereas the book, everything almost happens by chance. There do wind up at a some of the same locations as in the movie, but more due to chance, not because they were required to. Again the story worked for each genre. Is easier to follow along through a movie when there's a set path. Whereas in a book, where there's more thinking involved, a more meandering path it just as easy to follow.

Even though they were different I wasn't disappointed with either, but in general I think that's the case when you see the movie first. On the other hand while I think its possible to read the book and be disappointed with the movie based on the changes, I think most people would be fine with them. I did enjoy and actual book, and I think would enjoy to read the rest of the Percy Jackson books to see where the story takes. (Especially considering I don't see a movie sequel coming out.)

Anyone else read the books or seen the movie? Or have you ever read a book that's different from the movie version, and yet you are still able to enjoy them both?



  1. I don't know if I left this on your movie review but Eric basically FORCED me to go see this movie, I really did not want to. At all. But, turns out it was actually pretty good and I actually enjoyed myself! Surprisingly enough! Haha

  2. That's my biggest pet peeve is when they change the movie around and it ends up being nothing like the book.

  3. i want to see this movie and read the book.

    if a movie is based on a book, i have to read the book first. it is a weird compulsion. but i never enjoy the movies because they are rarely as good as the book. maybe one day i will learn to watch the movie first.

  4. I usually like to read books before I see the movie. I really want to read this book because I saw it floating around in my 7th grade classes and then I realized they made a movie out of it. I gotta keep up to date on the latest trends.

    My 4th graders are reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid which is also being made into a movie but I'm not sure how much I would enjoy that one haha.

  5. I haven't read or watched either but I'm not really interested in seeing it... may rent it if I'm bored one week-end ;)

    I saw Precious yesterday and boy... what a movie. It's really good! Sad, but good. I'd recommend it!