Thursday, March 18, 2010

Color My House

In the two months since we bought our house, I haven't done a lot of updates on it. The main reason is because nothing has really happened. I'm slowly unpacking and ridding the extra bedrooms of their randomness, but there really hasn't been a lot of work done on the house itself. I will admit a lot of that is laziness, but part of it is that I'm not sure what exactly to do. I know I want to paint more, but have no idea how I should paint. Which is why I'm coming to my readers for advice!

To start with here's what we've done so far. Half of the kitchen/dining room area was already blue, so we stripped wallpaper and painted the rest of the kitchen to match.
Kitchen with Refrigerator
This picture is actually pretty true to how it looks in real life.

The other room that already has paint is the master bedroom/bathroom. The walls closest to you are the walls in the bedroom, while the center is the bathroom.
Bedroom & Bathroom
The color is off in this picture from what it looks like in real life. The bathroom is actually a slightly darker blue than the actual bedroom, although I realize you can't tell from the picture.

Now that you've seen what we've done, you can hopefully give me ideas for the rest of the house. First there's the hallway that connects the kitchen and bedrooms. My original though was to do a white with a light blue tint. (Have I mentioned blue is my favorite color?) But I think I might be overdoing the blue. I'm thinking now maybe a light gold or tan color? Or maybe I should just stick with an off-white? I mean what color are hallways normally painted?

Then there's the living room.
Living Room
I'm thinking it might be fun to paint the walls behind the fireplace an accent color. My first thought, of course, was a dark blue. But moving past the blue again, maybe a dark purple would work? And if I paint a dark purple accent wall, what to do with the rest of the room? I'm sure the boy would tell me to do gold, but I don't really want to have an LSU colored room, so I'm open for suggestions.

I will admit I think I have little to no style, so I won't be offended if you hate my idea. Just let me know what you would do if this was your house! Any and all help would be much appreciated!



  1. i actually love the idea of doing the fireplace wall an accent color, but remember, once you paint it any color, you have to pull that color into the rest of the room by using accessories and furniture in shades of that color.... Just pick wisely. If you want a middle eastern/moroccan theme = orange, if you want cool/green/natural theme maybe = green, if you really like blues, then do a unique looking blue... Just make sure the rest of your walls either match it in shades of that color, or in neutrals. Good luck!

  2. Since you already have a lot of blue I'd probably go with another color. When I first moved into my house the previous owner had painted TAN! The only rooms I left tan..were none. I only kept the hallway that color because it balanced it out. I like the idea of the purple!

  3. I for one am a HUGE fan of accent walls. I think they're great. I think a deep purple would look gorgeous behind the fireplace and then just stick to a nice neutral colour in the rest of the house. Like a light brown or beige-type colour maybe?!

    I really like the blue in the kitchen - very pretty!

  4. I like the idea of the accent wall, but I'm thinking more deep red than deep purple, but I'm not really a purple fan so that's probably why.

    No matter what you do though, I'm sure you'll find a way to decorate it!

  5. I have an obsession with turquoise and aqua blues - if you came to my condo, you'd see what I mean. That said I've learned that it's important to balance out the blues with beige, brown, etc. Green can look really nice with blue too. Or some kind of burnt orange can work as an accent.

    Get some paint samples and paint some posterboard to start.

  6. I would do the room in a really pretty soft grey that has some blue undertones and then use the fireplace as an accent piece with tone on tone stripes running vertically? Since you use alot of blue, grey is an awesome accent to blue and it can be warm and cozy. Grey doesn't have to be boring and blah.

    If you need some help let me know! I have a sherwin williams paint wheel! I'd love to help out!