Monday, March 8, 2010

More Oscar Fun

Yes, I picked Best Director correctly, but everything else not so much. I wound up predicting only 8 out of 24 correctly. Pretty abysmal for me, especially considering last year I wound up with 17 out of 24. And I could be wrong but I believe it was 14 the year before. So it was clearly an off year for me. Granted I knew Mo'Nique was probably going to win for Best Actress, but I still needed to put Anna Kendrick down. And while Sandra Bullock's win and Avatar's loss were a little surprising, but it was the smaller categories that really lost it for me. Of course the boy wound up picking 15 correctly, so there goes my winning streak. Although he put a good bit of research into his choices, and went with the odds on favorite in each category, so as he told me last night, I didn't lose to him, I lost to the American people.

Moving past the winners, I think I was a little disappointed with the actual show. I think it's because I hype it so much in my mind, that it can't quite live up to expectations. There were still things I liked, for example that the kept the best actor and actress personal introductions. But other things that felt a little off. Even just little things, for example when Kristen Stewart said horror hadn't made an appearance at the Oscars since 1973 with The Exorcist. Except Silence of the Lambs won Best Picture in 1991. You could say maybe they don't consider it an horror film, except they still included in the montage.

Overall it wasn't a bad ceremony, but I just felt like the magic wasn't really there. Hopefully next year brings the magic back for me! Anyone else get that feeling, or were you still a big fan of the show? What parts were your favorite or least favorite?



  1. I loved the set design this year! I thought it was one of the best. However, the presenters were definitely lacking all around.

    Plus, it felt rushed. More so than in years past.

  2. I got bored about 2 hours in and quit watching but I did find Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin HILARIOUS for what I did watch!! Haha

  3. I really liked Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. I thought they did a great job.

    What I didn't like was Kristen acting like she was above being there during her presentation.