Sunday, June 21, 2009

Year Proposal

Yes, I could have called this "The One" instead, but where the fun in that! Before I start with my actual review of The Proposal, let me just say if we had left after the previews I would have felt we had our money's worth. Going to the movies as often as we do, we see a lot of the same previews over and over. But this time 4 out of 5 were new previews. Or at least new to see on the big screen. I most definitely watched two of these on-line as soon as they came out. Care to guess which to they were? The official The Proposal list was:
  • New Moon
  • The Time Traveler's Wife
  • Julie and Julia
  • Shutter Island (aka the new Leonardo Dicaprio movie)
  • Old Dogs (new movie with Robin Williams and John Travolta)
I will pretty much go see all of those movies! But getting to the actual reason we were in the theater.
The Proposal
First I like Sandra Bullock. I can't think of any movie she's been in that I haven't liked, but she doesn't stand out as one of my favorite actress. Then there's Ryan Reynolds. I haven't seen very many movies that he's been it, but I do love him in all of the ones I've seen.

Yes, its a bit cliched, but aren't all romantic comedies. Yes, you already know how its going to end. But they do put in a few twits for you. Overall, its a fun date movie or even a girl's night movie.

Year One
I think there was a great concept behind this movie. And its not that it wasn't cleverly executed. More of the fact that I don't really seem to "get" a lot of comedies. I can't seem to really get into them, and stop taking them so seriously. There are some comedies I've really enjoyed (The Hangover), but this doesn't really compare. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it either.

I did enjoy the Biblical references, even though they weren't the most chronologically accurate. Cain & Abel one scene, Abraham and Issac the very next... that's not quite the way it went. But it clearly wasn't trying to be accurate. Unlike say 10,000 B.C., anyone remember that one?

Yes, it was funny, but if you're choosing between the two, go with The Proposal. And if you think I'm just choosing the more "girly movie," I asked the boy's opinion and he agrees that The Proposal is the one to see unless of course "you're under 18, then you'd probably like Year One better.



  1. Watching the previews might be the highlight of every movie I go to. Love them!

    I can't wait to see Julie & Julia. And Time Travelers Wife. Both great books!

  2. I definitely want to see The Proposal and I'm glad to hear that is was good. I'm always up for a fun chick flick.

    I also love watching previews!

  3. Yay thanks for the reviews!! I definitely want to see The Proposal!! :) I may go check it out one night this week!!

  4. I have not heard one negative thing about The Proposal yet! I really had low expectations for it, but now they're really high! I'm going to have to see it this week, if not just for the previews! I too am a huge fan of previews. I HATE missing them!
    Now, I'm going to go youtube the Time Traveler's Wife trailer because I'm reading the book and am so engrossed in it, I cannot wait for the movie. Have you read it? It kind of strikes me as something you would like... I think?
    Thanks for the movie reviews, I always look for them at the end of the weekend! ;)

  5. @Amber I LOVED The Time Traveler's Wife. It's so good. Although depending on where you are on the book the trailer could give away a few big plot points. But I can't wait to see it!

  6. I can't wait to see New Moon!!!!! I am soooo excited for November to get here!
    I'm going to see the Proposal this coming weekend! I'm glad it's good!

  7. The future sister in law and I are planning to go see The Proposal. Actually, we were supposed to see it tonight, but my work schedule changed, so now I have to close :*( But that movie will be on my list of movies to see ASAP. I love Sandra Bullock - she's always been my favorite actress since I saw her in Speed (remember THAT one?)

    I haven't seen Year One, and I would love to see that movie as well. I love Michael Cera - he is one my *new* favorite actors.

  8. Just found your blog and now I'm a follower. I heard the Proposal was pretty good- my dad actually recommended it. Which is kinda weird but hey I guess it appeals to both men and women!

  9. We went to see Year One this weekend even though I really wanted to see The Proposal!! Year One was funny but not THAT funny, my mom told me the proposal was hilarious, I kind of want to go see it just to watch all those previews!! Haha I LOVE the previews, there my favourite part!

  10. Thanks for the pic props!

    No I didn't even TALK to my Dad on Fathers Day. He's spending half of the summer teaching in Italy, so he's far away. I'll see him for our Family Reunion in late July. :)

  11. I've wondered if The Proposal would be good or not. Thanks for the review, I'll have to see it now.

  12. thanks for the reviews! I do want to see The Proposal despite it being cliche because I do love a romantic comedy, no matter how cheesy (Lifetime movies, anyone?). But I have no desire to see Year One. Kind of like you, I don't "get" many of those kinds of films. But I have heard rave reviews from EVERYONE about The Hangover, so I am dying to see that. must go to the movies soon!

  13. I saw the proposal expecting a regular chick flick, but I thought it was a LOT funnier than regular ones would be!! And come on, with Ryan Reynolds looking as hot as he did... ;)

    I thought year one looked hilarious from the previews, but I haven't seen it yet...

    ps: I can NOT wait for the time traveler's wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!