Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Weekend Down

This weekend actually seemed to go my slower than most. I'm not quite sure why. I think it might be partly do to the fact that we do more than normal. Or maybe it was partly due to the lazy Friday night I'm not really sure.

Saturday, the Boy came home from work and decided we needed to go for a walk. What he really meant was I am going to force us to exercise. We walked/jogged for about 30 minutes. There was even a bit of a grass hill we sprinted up. Overall it wasn't anything too crazy. However it was the first time I have actually run outside since I graduated college 3 years ago (has it really been 3 years?). I'm not a big self motivator and once I no longer had a team that was pushing me to do work, well, that's why I haven't done anything athletic. I have worked out a few times on an elliptical, but I could probably count the number of times I've done that on my two hands. So basically I am completely out of shape. I would have been content to literally walk for 30 minutes, but clearly that wasn't it his game plan. Lucky for me, the Boy is actually a pretty good trainer. And will push me, which is exactly what I need.

After we came back, jumped in the pool to cool off (did I mention its around 100 degrees outside in Louisiana right now), and took a shower we were ready for dinner. We were originally planning on Italian (because I ALWAYS choose Italian), but we started watching Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Bar-B-Que. Since we weren't willing to drive to Texas to go to The Salt Lick (aka Bobby Flay's and Dave Duff's pick), we went to a bar-b-que place down the street. VooDoo BBQ & Grill
BBQ Brisket at VooDoo BBQ & Grill
I had really wanted BBQ Beef Ribs, but no go. So I went with BBQ Brisket. I got to pick two sides and went with potato salad and rattlesnake beans. And of course it came with Texas toast (since that's the main thing you can see in the picture).

After dinner I felt I had to reward myself for working out. A little counter productive? Maybe. But so worth it!
Cake Batter Ice Cream at Coldstones
Coldstone's cake batter ice cream with gummi bears and caramel. Its my go to pick at Coldstone's. I thought about changing it up with pink lemonade sorbet, but I don't get cake batter often enough to do it.

Sunday again we worked out. Two days in a row. It was much easier the second day actually. Yes, I was more sore. But I knew what to expect. And I do say I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. Hopefully we can keep this up for a while longer!

After jumping the the pool to cool off (I LOVE having a pool just out our backdoor!) we decided to buy food for dinner at Target. Yes Target includes a grocery store here. I'm not sure how many states do that. Normally the food at Target is pretty good. But last night it looked like someone ransacked the produce department. There were selling corn for $0.10 an ear, so there were maybe 5 ears of corns left in the whole corn section. But there were corn husks all over the ground. Plus all of the other produce didn't look right. I thought I was planning it safe and buying a box of raspberries. But I come home and find there is mold growing in the center. Not too sure I'll ever buy produce at Target again.

Instead we bought frozen edamame to make for dinner. For our main course we decided to make meatballs.
Giada's Meatballs
I got the recipe from June's issue of Redbook. It was a recipe from Giada from the Food Network. She actually made them using chicken but we substituted ground turkey. And if you're curious to see the recipe, its here. The meatballs turned out really good. We would easily make them again. The edameme turned out good as well (but its frozen, its hard not to turn out well). Overall I'd say it was a weekend well spent!



  1. I'm so hungry right now. I want that ice cream and sandwich SOOOOO bad!

  2. Ahhh, I LOVE Cold Stone! :) Yuuuummy!

  3. I ALWAYS seem to feel the need to reward myself with sweets. Probably why the pounds won't budge no matter how much I run!! Haha

  4. Our targets in oregon sell groceries but no produce or anything. I love coldstone but I try to steer clear or else I always end up getting the medium one and feel bloated for days.

  5. glad you had a good weekend! and worked out, so kudos to you! oh, and I am totally guilty of rewarding exercise with dessert. so bad! but like you said, so worth the yumminess. these pictures are making me hungry... I better go get some breakfast before I take a bit out of my computer screen! :)

  6. Oh boy, you are SO making me wish I had a pool right now. I would totally do that as well!! Good for you for getting out there again! :)