Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Quite a Comedy

Have you seen the commercials saying that UP is currently America's number 1 comedy? Well, its a bit of false advertising. Not that it wasn't the number 1 motion picture this past weekend, but because I wouldn't quite classify it as a comedy.

The date before I saw the movie I was listening to the radio. The DJ said not to see Up if you didn't want to cry. "Seriously," I though, "How could that be sad?" I came up with a few ideas, none of which were what actually happens in the actual movie. I will tell you though by the end of the first scene of the movie, its pretty clear what the tearjerker will be.

Now you might be a little confused. Isn't this after all a Disney/Pixar movie? Aren't they supposed to be happy? But you you think about it, there's Finding Nemo where Nemo's mom dies in the first scene. And of course Bambi's mom dies. Fox and the Hound is yet another sad Disney movie.

I think in Up especially, they're assuming the sad stuff will go over the kids' heads and they'll just pay attention to all the funny stuff. (And yes, there are a lot of funny moments. Talking dogs, flying houses, giant birds it is still funny.) But I think they underestimate how much kids pick up. And as a parent how are you supposed to respond when they ask, "Why is he so sad?" The response I've heard, "It's because she went away," not the actual, "She died." After all do you really want to explain what it means when Nemo's Mom gets eaten in the middle of the movie?

Overall, Up IS a really good movie. I'm pretty sure its a shoe-in for next years Best Animated Feature Oscar. But just don't go into it expecting a laugh out loud kids movie. If you're anything like me you'll probably cry several times.


P.S. Why is it I have no tv shows I want to watch except for tonight? I'll be trying to flip between The Bachelorette, Jon & Kate Plus 8, the season finale of The Hills, and Here Come the Newlyweds. I seriously need a Tivo.


  1. Literally walking into the theatre (on my blackberry haha) to see it. So I didn't read your full review but I'm excited to see it!! I didn't want to see it at first but now I'm excited!!!

  2. I keep hearing about this but I haven't seen it!!!!

  3. I haven't heard of this movie. I feel a little out of touch with movies lately. :(

    If you get a Tivo or DVR, you'll never want to watch tv without. It's great!

  4. You definitely DO need a tivo!!! It changed my life! You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I definitely think it helped me lose weight because I had zero excuse - I had my treadmill and my favorite shows, so I kind of had to work out :P

    I can't wait to see up, it looks like such a good movie! Did you see it in 3d? I heard 3d wasn't worth it...

  5. I did see it in 3-D! And while I do love seeing 3-D movies, with this you almost forgot it was in 3-D about halfway through. That was kind of the point Pixar was going for though, they didn't want to have things jump out at the audience. But I'm sure if you saw it both in 3-D & in 2-D you would notice the difference.

    Also while I don't have tivo, my parents do. So I know exactly how life changing it can be. I just don't necessarily wan to pay for life changing.

  6. Re: tivo, that is quite true. My sister and I pay half and half, and I payed by the year so I've kind of forgotten that I pay for it!

    One last question: is it actually worth it to see it in 3D, or should I save the money and watch it 2D?

  7. Overall, I would say it was worth it, but there are better 3-D movies out there. As in 3-D movies that better use the 3-D effect. But if you haven't seen one of the new 3-D movies, then I say yes. What I would recommend if at all possible is to go to a matinee 3-D showing. They you get the 3-D, and in most cases its cheaper than the normal 2-D price!

  8. I didn't really know what Up was about and then I read another blog about how it isn't all funny funny haha. which kind of surprised me too. but you are right, there are other kids/animated movies with sad content! glad though that you still liked the movie. but I think it is good to know going in that it is not all the trailer made it out to be! sometimes trailers give away too much and sometimes, they are just misleading! tricky tricky.

    oh, and I don't know how you have made it without a Tivo or DVR! haha. all my fave shows always seem to be on the same day too.