Thursday, June 4, 2009

Samosa & Chutney

Sukhi's Samosas & Chutney
Sukhi's Samosa & Chutney
You might remember a few weeks ago I posted about Sukhi's Chicken Tikka Masala. Well, we went to Fresh Market over the weekend and they had two other Sukhi's products. Another chicken dish (with Naan!) and the samosas. While I wanted to get the other chicken dish mainly because it came with naan, only eating chicken and bread wasn't the most filling (or wholesome) meal for myself. So I went with the samosas. The samosas were actually vegan and filled with potatoes and peas. And it came with a cilantro chutney.

Of course I kind of failed because I didn't get the samosa out until I was really hungry. And then read the box. They only had oven directions. Oven directions that took 20-25 minutes. Since I had my heart set on eating these I sucked it up and put them in the oven to wait.

Here's fail number two. When I was putting them onto the baking sheet I noticed there seemed to be a lot of samosas (10 to be exact). So I looked at the nutritional facts. The box only contains 1 serving! I can eat all 10! Alright! When I took them out of the oven I gave the box another glace. Serving Size: 1 Samosa. That meant each of the Samosa was a serving and 80 calories. And eating all 10 would be 800 calories. If I had known that I might not have heated up all 10.

Fail number three. The chutney came in its own little plastic bag, that did not go into the oven. I just thawed at room temperature for the length the samosa were in the oven. Once the samosa came out I just kind of poured it on the plate. Not the best idea as you can see, some sort of cup might have been better.

But how did the samosas taste? Absolutely amazing! So so so good! Both the samosas were amazing and the chutney was amazing too! It was hard to stop before eating them all, but I somehow manged. (I'm not going to reveal how many of the original 10 actually made it into the fridge.) I even poured the rest of the chutney into a container so I can eat it when I eat the last few samosa.

I would definitely say buy this if you find it. (I bought it at Fresh Market, I don't think I've seen it anywhere else, but if you have, let me know!) While it might not be the best for a dinner for 1, it would be perfect for appetizers and some type of dinner party. Or eat them alone if you really want. Either way, you pretty much have to try them!

And for dessert? I'm having some rock candy & salt water taffy the boy's parents brought me back from Tennessee.


P.S. I stopped at Whole Foods to have their salad bar for my lunch today. Whole Foods, like a lot of grocery stores, normally has free samples. And what type of free samples did they have in the bakery section? Slice of cake! Seriously, I've never seen anyone do that! They were thinly slice, but still pretty big, and wrapped up in parchment paper so you could pick them up with your hands. Guess what I had with my lunch today?


  1. Yep you can spend the night at Oak Alley. I was going to do it before I left Louisiana, but never had the time. It's a little pricey...anywhere from $130 on up, but I think it'd be worth it.

    You should do it!

  2. Mmmm I LOVE samosas!! I can't remember the last time I even had any though...

  3. Hey Shoshanah - Thanks for the great review! We've just started putting the chutney in cups and it should be hitting the store shelves in a few months. We're really glad that you like our products and value your feedback. We'd love to have you on our "Customer Advisory Committee" if you're interested. Do let me know! dalbir(at)sukhis(dot)com

  4. I LOVE Fresh Market. I stop in every time I work in Louisiana. Whole foods salad bar is the best and they do have great samples.

  5. those samosas sound and look delish! my only thing is I don't like cilantro. hate it actually. what else could you eat with samosas, I wonder?

  6. I LOVE whole foods salad bar. i think i could have it every day and be very very happy