Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday (4)

I feel like my blogging has been kind of spotty lately. Yes, I'm still getting posts up, but they're pretty much all reviews or pregnancy updates. I kind of miss some of the more random life updates I used to post. But I figured that this would be a great excuse to link-up with The Good Life to share a few recent happenings.
1. A few weekends ago I had a much needed haircut. I didn't really do anything too extreme, really just cut off a lot of the dead ends, but still, there's nothing like a haircut that gives you an excuse to take selfies.
New haircut day
2. Although really the main reason I had my haircut was because I wanted it to look nice for my maternity photos. I haven't seen them all yet but my photographer, Melissa V Photography, who blogs at Little Mrs. Married, did post a sneak peak and so far I'm in love!
3. Speaking of the baby, the past few weeks I've gone through my old children's books sorting the ones I want to keep or giveaway. (Most of which have wound up as keep.) I'm in the process of tracking them all on goodreads , and while they aren't all listed yet I'm already close to 100. Not too shabby of a library for a baby that isn't born yet. Although considering how much I read, you can't be that surprised.
4.. This past weekend was my nephew's 5th birthday party. It's crazy to think that when I started this blog he wasn't alive yet, and how he's 5. Crazy how quickly time passes. I'm sure I'm going to blink and before you know it we'll have a 5-year-old of our own.
5. While it's been a while since I've mentioned my 101 in 1001 list I have been making progress. I can officially say I've completed 99) Have no dessert/sweets for 7 days, although not necessarily by choice. With my gestational diabetes I've basically cut out all desserts from my diet. Kind of depressing, especially when everyone one expects you to be eating ice cream all the time, but at least I've found a tiny silver lining to it.

What are some of the random happening in your life lately? And if you're here from 5 on Friday, be sure to say hello!


  1. I love the maternity picture! you look great. sorry about the gestational diabetes but good job keeping the sweets out of your diet!

  2. I love your maternity photos! I bet you are so glad you did them!

    The random thing happening in my life is that despite the fact that I don't really like Halloween all that much, I had 3 different social events related to the holiday this week... But everything we've done has been fun! I am not very excited to dress up tonight (I have a boring cat costume), though, but I know I will have fun once I get there.

  3. :) So glad you love them! You should get the dvd by Monday if you haven't already!


  4. I love the sneak peek of your maternity photos. And Sam had a pretty decent library started for him before he was born too! We're going to a Jake And The Neverland Pirates birthday party on Sunday, so that's a random thing happening in our life.