Tuesday, October 28, 2014

34 Weeks Bumpdate

34 Weeks
How Far Along: 34 Weeks

Size of the Baby: A cantaloupe

Maternity Clothes: As funny as this may sound I feel like there are too many clothes in my closest. Or more precisely my closest is packed full of clothes, and yet I can't wear most of them. At this point I'm ready to get rid of a ton of it, except I'll know I'll eventually be able to wear it all again. At least, hopefully, right?

Nursery: We finally took a big trip to goodwill and got rid of all the extra furniture hanging out in the nursery. It still isn't completely cleaned out yet, but for the most part everything left will at least be staying in the house.

Stretch Marks: Still none.

Sleep: You know those stories you hear about pregnant women who wake up constantly at night to use the bathroom? Well, I feel like I may be jinxing myself a bit here, but it hasn't happened yet and I have no problem sleeping through the night.

Movement: I may be slightly obsessed with poking my stomach just to see it move and react. Maybe not the best motherly instinct, but it is pretty cool to see.

Cravings: Not too much of a surprise, but nothing really I can think of.

Symptoms: I actually haven't had any crazy heartburn recently, which has been nice. And while my ankles will still swell up in the afternoon at work, they don't really bother me, except for the fact they look scary.

What I Miss: At this exact moment, nothing really. Although over the weekend there was a point where I was dying for a Dr. Pepper.

Looking Forward To: My baby shower is this weekend! Crazy to think it's already here, right? And it's definitely a good thing we made some progress clearing out the nursery, because I have a filling after this weekend it will be jam packed again.
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  1. I had the same awesome maternal instinct of poking my belly to watch my kids move. It must be an instinct because I know a ton of people who have done it! Enjoy your shower!

  2. Poke away - the next 18 years the little baby will be poking back!

  3. Have fun at your baby shower!! I have another friend that is about as far along as you and she doesn't get up during the night a lot to go to the bathroom either! I feel like that is something i would struggle with as I already get up 1-2 times a night!

  4. My baby shower is this weekend too! So exciting! Have a great time! :)