Thursday, October 30, 2014

More From the Mennyms

Mennyms Under Siege by Slyvia Waugh
: March 1, 1997 by Avon Camelot
Originally Published: May 15, 1995
Series: Mennyms #3
I have such vivid memories of all the Mennyms books growing up. At least every single one except this one. I'm not quite sure why, especially since it's not just the first two I remember but the 2 that come after this as well. Either way, it definitely made the rereading experience different that the others since I really didn't know what to expect here.

So much of this book is a bit heartbreaking. The dolls spend so much of the book afraid that they're about to be found out and completely change their lives to avoid detection. But yet, as a reader we know they don't have the full story and it's almost painful that you can jump into the book to shake them and tell them not to worry so much.

Then of course there's the ending, something I only remembered was coming moments before it happened. But that still wasn't enough time to prepare. Fortunately for me I do have a hazy memory of how things work themselves out in future books, because otherwise would be a bit devastated by the cliffhanger.

It may sound a bit cliched, but these books really are utterly charming, and I love that I'm going back and rereading them now. Although it is a little disheartening to look back and see that these book never managed to take off the way they really deserved to.


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