Friday, October 17, 2014

Into the Woods

Mennyms in the Wilderness by Sylvia Waugh
: March 1, 1996 by Avon Camelot
First Published: July 21, 1994
Series: The Mennyms #2
The Mennyms sequel takes place just after the end of the first. The Mennyms, an actual family of living rag dolls, is living as normal in their home when they find out their house is in danger of being demolished for a new road. In search of a new place to live they move to the country (hence the book's title).

It is really interesting reading these books 20 or so years after I first read them. There's one subplot I remember being so awful and a bit scary, but reading it now while I can see the danger, it isn't quite so bad. Yet there's also a love story, that I didn't quite get at 10. Except now, as an adult, I can see all the dangers is poses and how awful the outcome could be.

I still do absolutely adore this series. I wouldn't necessarily list it as my all-time favorite, but it holds a special place for me. I will say that if you never discovered this series growing up, now is a pretty perfect time to try to track them down.


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