Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back to the Movies

The Equalizer
Somehow it's been almost two months since we've made it to the movies. A little out of the ordinary for us, especially if you look at how often I normally post movie reviews. Except I'm pretty sure this is going to become our new normal, so as much as we love going to the movies, you'll likely see these reviews less and less. But we did finally make it to the movies this past weekend, and I have plans to see Gone Girl next weekend, so reviews are still here for now.

This movie was definitely the boy's pick, but yet it wasn't that bad. I actually enjoyed the story and the characters, but it definitely was a bit over the top and gory at times, to the point that I think it would have been more effective if they cut back a bit.

For me though, the high point was Chloe Grace Moretz who I thought was pretty amazing in this. Although there was a fun cameo from Haley Bennett, who you probably haven't heard of, but was the teen pop star in Music and Lyrics. I've been wondering what happened to her, so I was happy to see she's still around. Although her role in this wasn't what I would have expected.

Overall though a pretty enjoyable movie, especially if you love fighting, action, and all that other "guy stuff." Not a movie you necessarily need to run out and see, but you wouldn't be wasting your time on if you did.

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  1. We saw The Equalizer over the weekend. We liked it.