Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wine and Love (v3)

This week I'm back to linking up with Nora'a Wine and Love to share my current wines & loves.
  • Remember this post where my reader was at 500 unread? Well is still has yet to hit 0. I think I got it down to 35, but it's back up at 100. Eventually, right?

  • This past weekend the boy and I bought tickets to fly to Disney World and back to California later this year. And why is it a wine? Do you know how expensive tickets are? There goes $1,000 (or two!) on 4 plane tickets.
  • Remember this wine about how the flash on my camera was broken. Well it randomly decided to fix itself. Maybe it just needed a break or a time-out? Either way I'm glad it's working. And here's a little proof of a working flash with recent caprese salad.
  • Caprese Salad
  • That basil in the salad? It's from our garden. The basil is really the only thing I planted this year that actually grew. Although we have a TON of oregano and rosemary planted last year that's trying to take over.

  • This weekend mark the mine & the boy's negative 1 anniversary. Yes it means we're officially 1 year away from the wedding! Crazy right? I have a feeling this year is just going to fly by.
  • LSU Tigers
  • Also this weekend is the start of football season. See photo above! :) LSU is playing Oregon at Dallas Cowboys stadiums. In case your tv isn't set to ESPN not stop like the one in our house, LSU starting quarterback will not be playing in the game. Because he got arrested in a bar flight. Ridiculous, right? But as far as I know, we're still the favorite to win. (Geuax Tigers!)

    What are your wines & loves this week?


  1. That is exciting about your wedding being a year away!! How fun!!

    Wine: It's hot here today. I know you deal with these temps for much longer than we do, but i am over heat/humidity.

    Love: We have a long weekend. I am in dire need of a good night of sleep and some r&r!

  2. I didn't read blogs for a month. I just FINALLY got it under 1,000. I'm stubborn, mark as read yet.

  3. You are such a math person -1 Wedding Anniversary? Cute!
    Today's wines are ... my sister and her boyfriend leaving the kitchen a disaster overnight. Hate that.
    Today's loves are ... having the day off and going to dinner with my parents and sis tonight to celebrate their 30 year wedding anniversary!!!

  4. I am behind too and cant seem to catch up! I am routing for LSU tonight. Gotta go with the SEC. Bummer about the qb though.