Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Fall TV Line-Up

In some ways I've been dreading writing this. Not because I'm not looking forward to tv shows, but because there's so many I want to watch I'm not sure how I'm going to fit them all in. Of course we don't have a DVR which makes watching shows on at the same time a little difficult. But I'll survive.

All shows are Central time, since that's when I watch them, and if there's no premier date shown it's because it's already on.

7-8pm: The Amazing Race 9/25
8-9pm: Desparate Housewives 9/25
9-10pm: Pan Am 9/25
9-10pm: Real Housewives of New Jersey
So RHONJ and Pan Am are on at the same time. But the Housewives season is about halfway over. The the plan is to switch during commericals and once RH ends I can watch Pan Am full time.

7-8pm: Terra Nova 9/26
8-9pm: Heart of Dixie 9/26
9-10pm: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The boy will probably be watching House and Castle this night, so depending on how I feel about Rachael Bilson's show and after RH ends, I might instead be watching those two with him.

7-8pm: Glee 9/20
7-9pm: The Biggest Loser 9/20
8-9pm: Ringer
9-10pm: Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant
Obviously this is a busy night for me. And I would also love to watch The New Girl as well as Parenthood. I don't know for sure, but assuming MTV keeps their current pattern 16 & Pregnant will premeier after Teen Mom ends. Although if it doesn't I could instead fit Parenthood into my schedule.

7-8pm: Survivor
7-9pm: X-Factor 9/21
9-10pm: Top Chef
A fairly calm night. Although I would love to be able to fit in Up All Night and Revenege. There's just scheduling conflicts for me though.

8-9pm:Grey's Anatomy 9/22
How is it I only have 1 show on Thursday, but so many on others. Especially when Thursday used to be my top night of tv?

Are there any shows on my list you'll be watching? Or are there any others you think I should try to fit into my schedule?


  1. I am definitely going to be watching Glee tonight!

  2. I think the only shows I will watch this fall are Parenthood, Project Runway, and Top Chef! I watch so so so little tv these days, less than I have ever watched, actually. I stopped watching tv when I studied for the CFA and that habit sort of stuck!

  3. You can just watch most of the conflicting shows online. You will just be a week behind. I watched up all night and new girl and cracked up during both. so I suggest figuring out a solution. Ha also, I am not quit sold on ringer. Not sure I can buy the plot. I have three (yep three...pathetic I know) And I still have a hard time with watching it all. HA

  4. The only shows that I watch on this list is The Biggest Loser! I'm not much of a tv show watcher though...

    I think you need to add Modern Family and The Middle!

  5. Have you ever watched The Good Wife? Excellent acting and really makes you think. There's also sometimes a surprise at the end. I love this show.

  6. You can watch the ABC shows on Hulu the next day! That's what I do with The New Girl and Castle.

  7. I am loving the new show Ringer! I can't wait to see Terra Nova!