Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 10

Day 10 – Favourite classic book
I started coming up with possibilities on this one and was surprised that most of them were a little YA. Books like The Little House on the Prairie or The Wizard of Oz. Not really a surprise since I spent a lot of time reading when I was younger reading books more age appropriate, and I still read a lot of YA. Of course if I needed to pick a classic that wasn't YA-ish I probably could (Les Miserables is the first that comes to mind), but since that isn't anywhere in the prompt, YA it is.

Anyways, that was a bit of a long introduction as to way I feel my choice is a classic, even though some may not consider it to be. And that choice is...
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
I absolutely loved this book and read it over and over. I loved the movie version from the 90s. I loved the Shirley Temple version. I even read the original version Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin's. (For those who haven't Sara Crewe is basically a short, 4 chapter version of the story that was written about 10 years prior to A Little Princess. It's the same basic story, just with a lot less details.)

What's funny is that while I loved this, I don't believe I've ever read any other of Burnett's books. I obviously know the story of The Secret Garden and love the movie, but never have sat down and read it. That definitely needs to go on my list of books that I need to read.

Have you read A Little Princess? Would you consider it to be a "classic"? And what's your favorite classic book?


  1. I have read A LITTLE PRINCESS but my favorite classic book is LITTLE WOMEN. Love that book!!!!

  2. Definitely a classic! My fave is Pride & Prejudice, definitely.

  3. I loved the Little Princess as a kid. I read it all the time.