Monday, June 30, 2014

June in Review

We're finished with June, which means we're halfway through the year. In some ways I don't necessarily feel like June went by that quick, but it does seem crazy that 2014 is halfway done. But before we go any further, a look back at June.

In June...
...For the biggest news of the month, I revealed that I'm pregnant and started sharing a weekly bumpdate pregnancy updates.
Black Bean Soup
..the boy once again cooked up a storm making black bean soup (impressive since he doesn't actually like soup, but he knows I do),
Steak Rolls
steak rolls,
Having @labride's Black Pepper roast for dinner
and Louisiana Bride's black pepper marinated roast.
More Than That
...I traveld to Houston to see the Backstreet Boys in concert.

...I posted reviews of 5 books and 5 movies.
When Camels Fly by NLB Horton
The Care and Management of Lies by Jacqueline Winspear"
Love Will Make You Drink and Gamble, Stay Out at Night by Shelly Lowenkopf
How to Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gibson
City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
A Million Ways to Die in the West

How To Train Your Dragon 2
The Fault in Our Stars
Jersey Boys

So many awesome books and movies to choose from, and in a normal month several could have been my favorite, but this month has to go to The Fault in Our Star.

...5 years ago, in 2009, I posted how I wound up in Louisiana after spending my college years in Maryland.
Welcome To Louisiana
What are some of your highlights from this past June?


  1. I don't know if I can pick one highlight from June -- Rachel turned three, Sam finished his first year of school, and Dave and I celebrated our sixth anniversary! June is a big month around here!

  2. All of that food looks delicious, but the black bean soup looks especially good!! I like that it looks nice and thick!

    Let's see, highlights of June include settling into my apartment, publishing my first article at work, hosting a fun party at Phil's, and doing my first double digit long run since before my stress fracture/RA diagnosis!

  3. Some serious good news in this month!!

  4. Announcing your pregnancy is pretty hard to top!