Thursday, June 12, 2014

As Long As There'll Music We'll Be Coming Back Again

Remember last year how I drove to Houston on our first anniversary weekend to see the Backstreet Boys in concert? Well they're on another leg of their tour in the back in the US, and last Thursday I drove out to Houston to see them yet again.
More Than That
Unfortunately, I've come to realize that my iphone takes the worst concert pictures ever so I don't have many to share, and the ones that I have all look pretty miserable.
But I do have videos! And while the picture may not be clearest, there's nothing wrong with the sound. Starting off with the first opening act Baylee Littrell, who you might know better as Brian Littrell's son, singing I Want You Back.
Next was Avril Lavigne who was new to this leg of the tour, and a lot of fun. I was never a huge Avril fan, but did buy her first two cds back in high school. Although everything she played was a single which I would have known regardless, including the above video of So Complicated.
Of course the main reason we were there was for the boys, so I'll start you off with an old favorite, Don't Want You Back from the Millennium cd.
As for a newer song, this is my current favorite of their newest cd, Love Somebody.
AJ and Ava
And I know I said I wasn't really going to share photos because they were so awful, which clearly this one is, but I couldn't not share it. I know you can't tell at all, but this is AJ and his baby daughter Ava who he brought on stage. Overall then, it was a family affair with Brian and his son, AJ and his daughter, and me and my bay at their first Backstreet concert!

Do you have any "firsts" that occurred when you were in utero?
I know I attended in 1984 L.A. Summer Olympics in the months before I was born.


  1. I don't know about any of my firsts since I was adopted but Sam attended his first NHL hockey game in utero and flew to Jamaica in utero too :) Rachel just made me sick a lot :)

  2. Sounds like so much fun!!

    I recently went to my first Backstreet Boys concert (pics + vids on the blog) and LOVED IT!!! I am actually so glad I waited this long, as opposed to going when they were in their prime, because I feel like I appreciated it so much more.

    1. Yeah! I'm going to check out your posts now!

      And yes, I went back in high school to both the Millennium tour and the Black and Blue tour. And may have seen Nick's solo tour back in high school. But in my opinion, you can never go to too many of their concerts!