Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saturday at the Box

Two weekends ago the boy and I went to Alex Box Stadium to watch our first LSU baseball game of the season.
At Alex Box
I've written about our trips to see LSU basebal each of the last four years, so I'll try to avoid exact same post as years past. Although we did take our standard picture together, and as normal the boy managed to hide.
At LSU vs. Kentucky
They did finally open the Hall of Fame in the stadium, so for the first time got to go inside and view a ton of LSU baseball memorabilia. And speaking of new, they also had a new food vendor.
Crawfish Pie
I had a crawfish pie with a side of jambalaya. Both were good, although the jambalaya wasn't as good as it used to be, and next time I'd rather try the meat or mushroom pie. But still an awesome baseball meal!
Alex Bregmans's First Hit of the Game
The Tigers won the game over Kentucky, 9-1, and not only that, with their win improved their record 29-2 gaving them the best record of any LSU baseball team in the school's history. Since then they did loose a game to break their 15 game winning streak, but they are still 34-3 and hopefully that continues and brings LSU their 7th world series title win!

Have you been to a baseball game yet this year? And any opinions as to whether you can buy a crawfish pie at any baseball stadium in the world beside Alex Box?

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