Monday, April 1, 2013

G.I. Host

G.I. Joe Retaliation
This movie really wasn't that bad. Now in general I'm not a huge action film fan, but being what it was, I had fun. I will also say that the movie never really had a slow moment. There wasn't a time when I felt bored, and overall it had a pretty good pace.

Although the best part of the film was Channing Tatum. He did have a few amusing scenes with Dwayne Johnson, some of which may have been added after they decided to postpone the movie. Of course there's only so much you can add, and wish they could have found a way to make his part even larger.

The Host
From the previews I was really worried about this. It seemed like there were going to change a lot of the story I loved in order to make it translate better to screen. But I was actually surprised at how much this movie followed the book. If I had to guess Stephanie Meyer probably has enough money, where she could tell you, "If you adapt this, you better be faithful."

Except I think this movie could have been better if they used a little more creative license. Instead the movie hit every single major plot point from the book. And since so many scenes were in the movie, character development, or building a romance, fell little by the wayside. It also may have been hurt by the actors, who were gorgeous, but maybe not the most believable.

But even with these criticisms, I really loved the movie. And thought it was a lot better than I expected. And actually, I probably be willing to see either of these again, but I'd much rather watch The Host, and think I'd even want to own it.

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