Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's Get Cracking

One of the reasons I added "Visit 10 new Baton Rouge Restaurants," to my 101 list is to force myself to finally visit the restaurants I've been wanting to try. Another Broken Egg Cafe is one of those places. Melissa always seems to be visiting, and every time I read one of her posts I always wish I was there with her. But finally, a few weeks ago I finally dragged the boy there for brunch.
My latte to start the meal
We did have to wait a while to get a table, but I'm pretty sure that's expected when you visit. Since we were awfully hungry by the time we sat down, the boy decided we needed an appetizer and placed an order for their Biscuit Beignets.
Biscuit Beignets
These were really good, and definitely hit the spot. Although I'd still prefer beignets from Cafe du Monde over these.

For my main meal, I had to make one of the hardest decisions ever, sweet or savory. If I had known the boy was planning on order the beignets, I would have gone savory (either with with a Smoked Salmon Benny or the the omelette with feta, otherwise know as Chez B's, but I guess I'll have to try them next time). Instead though I went with a Sweet Potato Pancake topped with whipped creak, spiced pecans, and cinnamon infused syrup. I did add a savory touch though with a side of their house made Breakfast Chorizo.
Sweet Potato Pancake
Both of these were really tasty, although I think the star of the whole meal was the chorizo. A little surprising especially considering, it doesn't look very pretty.

The meal was a little price-y, especially consider brunch isn't something we normally splurge on. Even so, I'd love to go back, and next time definitely want to go the savory route.

Do you have a favorite place you like to go for brunch? And are you more likely to choose sweet or savory?


  1. why have I never thought to put feta in my omelettes?!?! amazing.

    I nearly always get eggs bene when I do brunch. I always tell myself to branch out, but rarely do...I did have chicken and waffles a few weeks ago, and they were perfect!

  2. I had some favorite brunch places in Minneapolis. There were so many great places! I am more of a savory person instead of sweet. Plus my gluten intolerance makes it tough to eat any of the sweeter breakfast options. I tend to order frittatas or omelettes or something like that.

    I should make an effort to try 10 new restaurants in Charlotte. My boyfriend asked me last night if I had found any great restaurants here and I had no response for him, mostly because I have not eaten out or had people to eat out with, but I should take it upon myself to go out to eat alone. I do it when I travel, there is no reason why I shouldn't do it in the city I live in.

  3. Sounds pretty awesome!! Is the restaurant new? Where is it? Love you!

    1. It's been here for a few years at least, but have no idea how long. It's a Cityplace now, although until a year or so it was on Corporate just off Jefferson.

  4. YUM!!! Love that place! :) Glad you went!