Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Path to the Dress: Part 2

Last week I posted about our not-so-nice dress shopping in the posh bridal salon. But the second stop of the day was instead to a bridal shop owned by a family friend. In hindsight we would have been fine if it was the only stop, but I thought the upscale shopping experience would be fun. Turns out, not so much. But on to the dresses...
Again, I didn't think to actually write down the names about these dresses for the blog. So you'll just have to make do with pretty pictures. I think you guys can handle that, right?
There are certain aspects of this one I really love. I think partialy because it looks like a historical Southern Belle dress. But there are others, like the beading, I'm not a huge fan of. I think it could probably be removed, but feel like the dress wouldn't quite look complete without it.
I was a big fan of this dress when I was trying it on. And still now, looking back I like the dress. But it's just not really the look I was going for, which makes it hard for me to fall in love with it.
Out of all the dresses I tried on this one was probably my favorite. Except due to my indecisiveness I'm still not sure. Going into shopping I didn't want a strapless dress, due mainly to principle than anything else since it just feel so overdone. But I think the straplessness works here. Although, while I have a feeling it could be changed if it was a huge issue, the dress has buttons on the back instead of a lace-up which I'd prefer. Again not a huge issue, especially since overall I love how I look in the dress. Right now I'm thinking it's the top contender, but at this point I'm still a little up in the air.

Did you have a difficult decision on finding THE DRESS? And please let me know if you have a favorite out of the dresses I've posted, or any suggestions on the type f dresses I should be looking for.


  1. I like the second one and the last one. I love the beading on the second one and the shape of the last one just suits you.

  2. I looooooove that first one! It's so pretty! You have the perfect upper body for strapless!

  3. I also fought against the strapless dress but ended up buying one and finding a sweater to wear over it. It worked.

    My dress was from JCrew and I highly recommend them since the dresses were high quality, reasonably priced and the shipping/exchanging was so easy. Plus, it's nice to be in your own house to make a decision and prance around :-)

  4. I like the 2nd one and the last one. Have you tried any mermaid dresses or are you opposed to that style? I only ask because with your long and lean body, you would look really good in a more fitted look... Or maybe something with a dropped waist?

    That said, you look gorgeous in all of these, though!!!

  5. Wow!! You look fantastic in all of them! I say go with your gut; whichever one you feel the best in, is the one for you.

  6. Oh I love those last two that you have on!!! I can't even imagine trying to pick one out!

  7. I LOVE the second one! I think it totally suits your southern wedding :)

    I agree with Lisa though, I think you should try some mermaid dresses. I bet they'd look awesome on you!

  8. They all look so beautiful! I love the third one the best. It flatters you so well.

  9. I think the southern belle dress looks beautiful on you. It's such a feminine dress and perfectly reflects where you live.

  10. I love the third one! Its unique and really highlights your itty bitty waist!