Monday, September 5, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

I hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend! Ours was good, if not a little uneventful. In case you didn't hear we wound up experiencing Tropical Storm Lee. As the news people kept saying it wasn't anything to worry about (it didn't even make it to a hurricane), but there would be a lot of rain. Of course on Saturday what most people were worried about was Lee, as in Jared Lee the LSU quarterback.

The plan was for the boy to braise a brisket.
We had everything we needed for the brisket itself but the boy wanted to head to the store to buy liquid smoke for his homemade bbq sauce. Except once we got into the car all 3 exits of the neighborhood were flooded, which meant we weren't going to the store anytime soon. But the brisket needed at least 4 hours to cook, so we didn't need to go anywhere anytime soon.
A few hours after the first attempt I was sent on a recon mission to check out the exits to the neighborhood, and this is what I discovered.
It might be hard to tell from the picture, but this is after the water had gone down, and we were able to get through. Funny enough by the time we got back from the store with our provisions this was almost completely empty.

After that bit of drama everything else went as planned. The boy finished off the brisket.
I contributed some LSU cupcakes. (Not the prettiest, but I'm pretty sure this is my first time decorating cupcakes in years, if not ever.)
And we cheered the Tigers onto victory against Oregon. All in all, a fairly successful Saturday considering how it could have gone down. How did your weekend turn out? Did you wind up dealing with any crazy weather?


  1. That is crazy about the rain. The brisket looks delicious, though. Yum!

    My weekend was uneventful, weatherwise! I spent time with family at the cabin and then got a lot of stuff done around my condo! Like buying and assembling yet another bookshelf. I now have 5!

  2. Geaux Tigers! I think you did a fantastic job on the cupcakes and I looooove brisket. I'm sorry you guys had to deal with all of that rain; but, I'm glad you didn't have any damage. BTW, your tip about the commenting issues was spot on. I had the opportunity to try that out yesterday when it gave me an error again. You are awesome! Thank you!

  3. Wow! You guys did have a lot of rain. It's rained here all week long. I'm so over it! That brisket looks sooo good! My godmother use to always use bubbie jean sauce.