Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Royal Love Story

William and Kate by Christopher Andersen
Every since the Royal Wedding I've been looking forward to picking up a good Will & Kate book. I finally decided to try out Christopher Andersen's take. I did learn a few things reading it, but overall it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Reading it felt much like reading one big tabloid. It says in the sources section at the back that certain key sources agreed to contribute only under the assurance they would remain anonymous. And so much of the "quotes" and thoughts of William & Kate are completely uncredited. Instead of the credited sources, they are Tabloids like the Sun or Guardian. It also feels a little hypocritical when so much of the book is William criticizing the press and paparazzi to read a book that he must hate.

What also bothered my throughout is that William and Harry were constantly referred to as "the heir and the spare." It might have been amusing the first time, but hearing it over and over came off not only as repetitive but a little degrading. And then there's the fact the William & Kate were referenced by their pet names Babykins and Big Willie. Again it might have been cute the first few times, but it was completely overdone.

I think a lot of disappointment was based on how much I enjoyed The Queen Mother's biography. Of course that was her official biography, while this is most definitely not. I don't regret reading it, because it did at least satisfy my curiosity about the actual timeline of their relationship. But I can't reasonably recommend this, unless you as impatient and curious as me. I think instead you'd be better off waiting for some type of official and authorized biography of the two.


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