Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Movie Review

This actually wound up being a really odd movie, but it had Ryan Gosling in it so at least it wasn't time completely wasted, right?

The movie starts off really really slow. There's not a lot of dialogue but there is somewhat of a romance between Ryan's and Carey Mulligan's character. Except again they don't really talk, and there's nothing anything close to kissing. Instead the only thing that stood out was a few montages, especially one I enjoyed that featured them driving in the L.A. river.

But the last third of the movie it does a complete 180. There's topless girls, lots of blood, but surprisingly, considering the movie name, not a lot of car chases. (Although the opening scene does have a good chase, that's about it.)

I'm not sure this movie is really going to work for most people. I don't see most guys enjoying the majority of the movie. Yes there are scenes toward the end, like one where someone's skull is completely crushed by another's foot, that they'd enjoy. But I don't know how many would be willing to sit through all the slow parts. And from the opposite point of view, the start could have been the first have of a good romantic movie. But some of the scenes towards the end were a little too gruesome for my taste.

I almost hate to say this, because again Ryan Gosling is in this, but I think this might be one you want to skip.

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