Wednesday, September 21, 2011

STD-ing It

Since it hasn't yet made the blog, I joined Pinterest! (If you still need an invite just let me know in the comments and I'll send you one.) But my main reason for joining had a lot to do with wedding inspiration. I've slowly been collecting ideas, and since it's the most pressing wanted to share my thoughts on a possible Save the Date.

I love the way the text has a border in this but it's not a standard shape. This is from an actual invitation, but my thought is that this would be on card stock about postcard type size and be the main part of the STD with the actual text.

I love the idea of keeping this basic shape and using on a variety of paper products similar to Mrs. Cupcake did in her invitation above.

On the card along with the words "Save the Date," our names, location, and the actual date, there would also be some type of mini envelope similar to the ones shown below.

As for inside the envelope... well you'll have a wait a while to find that out! But in the mean time, and guesses as to what I'm planning on hiding in the envelope?


  1. CUTE! These are great ideas! We just sent out our save the dates last week. Eei! I decided to do magnets because I figured it was a good way to prevent people from losing their STD (just throw it up on the fridge :) )

  2. I love all of these! I also have mad love for Pinterest, ha. I'm as single as can be but I've planned my wedding through that site. :)

  3. I love the mini envelope idea! I also love a magnet for the save the date. I still have all the magnet save the dates I have received! Maybe a mini magnet inside the mini envelope? That would be awesome!

    I also have my wedding all planned out thanks to pinterest. Now if I could only find that dang husband of mine!

  4. I love Pinterest because of all the wedding stuff! There's always so many great ideas on there!