Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Movie Review

In case you couldn't guess from the poster and the title this one wasn't quite my choice. But with some of the subplots I was at least interested and figured it couldn't be worse than the recent Conan.

As far as I know this is the first UFC movie. It follows two brothers, one a high school physics teacher and the other a marine war hero, both underdogs, who wind up fighting each other in the huge Sparta UFC championship.

So yes, there was a lot of fighting. And I cringed and hid my eyes through most of it. But besides the fighting it was actually a good movie, and I'm almost embarrassed to say even made me cry a little. So basically, not a movie I'm dying to see again, but all-in-all considering the subject, I enjoyed it.

P.S. And did I mention they showed The Hunger Games trailer during the previews? Seeing Katniss on the big screen was awesome, and I can't wait for the movie next March!


  1. I thought my hubby would want to see this as he's a huge UFC fan but nope. I might wait and rent it.

  2. Haha my boyfriend wants to see this one! I've sat around with him and the guys watching UFC once in a while...not really my cup of tea! But a Hunger Games trailer!?! Is it the same one they showed at the VMA's? I can't believe that they are hyping it up already! I thought they were still filming??