Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Can Learn a Lot of Things From the Flowers

Yes, more backyard pictures. At least this time I know the names of most of what I'm sharing. That's a start right?
Satsuma Blossoms
Satsuma Blossoms
Lemon Blossoms
Lemon Blossoms
Banana Leaves
Banana Leaves coming back
These evil thistles are unfortunately all over the back yard. We had one or two last year, but this time they're everywhere. Not only are they scary looking, but they're prickly. Which only means that even though I want to pick them and destroy them every time I see them, with all the stickers they're more likely to destroy me.
Yes, the roses also have thorns but at least they're a lot prettier to look at.
And another rose bush.
The herbs that made it through the winter are thriving. The oregano is going everywhere.
As is the rosemary.
And the parsley. The thyme in the background had an unfortunate run-in with an ENTIRE bucket of water (oops!) but the part that didn't drown is still making it.
Peach Tree
Here's our peach tree, which hopefully with have enough fruit on it this year so we can actually try one.
And I lied. I don't know what this is called. Anyone?
Nor am I sure of this. But I think it might be some type of clover, and a weed. But I thought it was pretty so I'm sharing.

Now tell me honestly, are you tired of looking at picture of my backyard? If so, It must only mean you're jealous of me, right? ;) Or do you like like looking at all the pretty picture?

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