Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Movie Review

Your Highness
Let me start this off by same this one of the most awful, over the top, and ridiculous movies to the point that it's enjoyable. There were several times through the movie, where there was a loud collective gasp of disbelief from the entire audience. Think of it as a raunchy & dirty version of Labyrinth meets The Princess Bride. It's the type of movie you expect to be filled with b-level unknown stars, and the fact that Natalie Portman & James Franco decided to star, makes it a little more unbelievable.

It seems like the perfect type of movie to watch on a Saturday night with a group of friends over a bottle of wine. Just be warned if you do decide to see it in the theater, it might be quite a bit uncomfortable depending on who you decide to see it with.


  1. I saw that this weekend too. Usually I post about movies I have seen, but I couldn't come up with the right words. You nailed it!

  2. I really want to see this movie! It has several of the guys from Pineapple Express, so I had a feeling it would be kind of silly and over the top. Heh. A raunchy The Princess Bride? I'm in!