Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As We Grow Older

Remeber a few weeks ago when I picked up a new picture frame? Well look what finally made it onto a "picture wall." (Two frames counts as a wall right?)
Now let's zoom in a little closer so you can actually see the shots.
When I went to order the pictures I was told that due to my camera I could either have the pictures cropped to 4x7 or re-sized about a half inch smaller. I opted for the smaller size, thinking there's a bit of an overhang on the frame that will cover the edge anyways. Except I didn't look at the frame to see that wasn't the case, so instead there's a bit of a border behind the pictures. Not the biggest deal, but if I had looked at the frame first, I would have just ordered them cropped.

On to the pictures themselves! The outside ones are pictures with the boy's niece & nephew. The next one's are me and the boy. The one was taken Spring 2008 at the LSU baseball regional.
And this is how I would like him to feel
And this one is from Valentine's Day earlier this year.
On the Couch
The one in the center is me and my best friend when we were around 4 years old. What I find a bit hilarious is comparing the picture below and the one above. In the picture above, I have brown wavy hair. So which one of the following is me?
I'm actually the one with the straighter blonde hair! Isn't it funny to see how much I've changed in 20 plus years! Have your looks changed from how you looked as a kid? Or do you still look basically the same?


  1. I was totally going to guess that you were the blonde! HA And I look exactly the same only with straight teeth. HA

    Cute wall! (Yes, it counts as a wall!)

  2. I love it! I really want a picture wall. It's fun to look at old pictures and it looks so cute on the wall.

  3. That top frame is great! I like the wood color.